Bargain DIY Gamer Kit Stockists

DIY Gamer Kit Stockists

You’d probably struggle to find a child who doesn’t love to play on video or console games. Now you can take their love of all things electronic to the next level with this secretly educational DIY Gamer Kit! Don’t tell the kids, but this kit will teach your children about electronics, building components and coding all whilst they’re having fun! The DIY Gamer Kit gives you nearly everything you need, including all the individual items to create your gamer. All you need to bring to the party is a soldering iron, wire cutters and a 9V battery. Just follow the detailed manual included or the fantastic YouTube videos to construct your kit from scratch. Not only will you learn some awesome soldering skills, you will end up with an incredible gamer that you will be able to play, hack and code. Dive straight into playing the classic games or learn how to code so you can play your own games on the console. Not only can you create and play games on the DIY Gamer Kit, but you can also make cool animations to share with your friends and family. So bring your invention to life today, and find out what all the fuss is about!

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