Bargain Death Star Kitchen Timer Stockists

Death Star Kitchen Timer Stockists

You can imagine that when Darth Vader walks into the kitchen, there’s no messing about. Everything is spotless, all ingredients measured with care and the finest detail treated with importance - even that super slick dark side apron remains completely pristine. Although Darth has everything firmly under control, even the most powerful of Sith Lords needs the right equipment to do the job. Small, spherical and perfectly detailed, the officially licensed Death Star Kitchen Timer is the perfect accessory for any Empire loving culinary enthusiast. Complete with lights and sounds, this masterful miniature weapon gives any master chef up to 60 minutes of timing, ticking down at slightly ominous 1 minute intervals. When your time is up, the green LED superlaser lights up and emits the laser beam sound effects, letting you know that your dinner is ready for inspection. Even better, this Death Star Kitchen Timer doesn’t require any batteries, as this weapon of miniature destruction features a built-in spring-wound mechanism.

Bargain Deal: £9.99

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