Bargain Digibirds Stockists

Digibirds Stockists

Parents will know that when you treat a child to a pet, it will be the adults who end up looking after them. With the Digibirds however this is one thing grown-ups won’t have to worry about. These adorable collectible birds sing, tweet and dance with realistic bird movements and when put in a group, will chirp together like a choir of birds. Each singing Digibird will perform on command for you anytime you like. Blow at the bird to make it tweet and move just like the real thing. Whistle at it and the bird will perform a tune. Don’t worry if whistling doesn’t come naturally as a whistle is included in the shape of a ring. This handy ring also doubles as a perch for your melodic friend to sit on. Digibirds are set to be the next big thing in all things collectable, and with twelve birds to collect, an avian orchestra will be yours to enjoy. As with most things these days there is even a free app to accompany the birds with fun games and unlockable new bird songs!

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