Bargain Edge: Monsters Like Us   Call of the Wild Stockists

Bargain Edge: Monsters Like Us - Call of the Wild Stockists

Do you think going to school = trouble? Is it tough to get through the day without getting told off? Then imagine how much worse things would be if you were a MONSTER! In this super-funny story, three monster friends go on a class trip to the safari park. It’s all going well, until they go to see the wolves. Can Danny and Sam stop Lin from running wild in werewolf form? PS: just to help you along, this quick-read book is extra-simple and dyslexia friendly. Get to the laughs faster. A hilarious tale of monsters trying to fit in at school Wacky adventure full of giggles, twists and turns Graphic-style story told in text, pictures and captions Appealing quick read which rapidly builds confidence #halloween-1016

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PM Writing 1: Pet Budgies (PM Yellow/Blue) Levels 8, 9 x 6 Stockists

A non-fiction information report about animals and care of a pet: this text has been written to give information about pet budgies. Text type: information report; Genre: non-fiction PM Writing 1 provides: writing goals that guide and support teachers and students instructional content for the conventions and composition of early writing content that promotes writing to construct meaning across the curriculum in a variety of text forms teaching and learning approaches that promote choice and authenticity in writing for a variety of purposes and audiences. PM Writing is a complete learning, teaching and assessment...

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Disney Learning: Toy Story - Rex Tries to Juggle Stockists

A colourful Toy Story tale to help you read like a star. Your favourite toy dinosaur wants to learn to juggle. Trouble is, with those tiny arms, Rex finds it very hard. Will he ever master this cool skill? Just maybe – with some help from his friends! A funny story to delight little Toy Story fans Level 3 story for readers who are growing in confidence Richer, longer text with more challenging vocabulary Funny message about friendship and trying new things #homelearning-offer #r-1-offer-new #disney-20 #homelearning-20-17

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Wild eBook Stockists

Spice June 2009 Marra's body burned with desire. It was Wild time, the first week of spring, when Lynx from all over North America gathered in the Sierra Nevada foothills to mate. The time when every Lynx female went into heat. But Wild is bittersweet for Marra. She's past the age when most Lynx find their mate. She only comes to Wild for sex and always leaves as she came: alone. Yet this year is different. A new male Lynx has come to Wild, a foreigner who will claim her in ways she only imagined...

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Texas travel guide - Big Bend & West Texas (5.082Mb), 4th Edition Jan 2014 by Lonely Planet Stockists

A darn sight bigger than a whole heap of countries, Texas is largely diverse: big-city lights to small-town simplicity; white-sand beaches to high-country hikes. Inspirational images, scenic drives, weekend getaways and recommendations from our expert authors Planning features and top itineraries to help you plan the perfect trip Local secrets and hidden travel gems that will make your trip unique PLUS music scene, day trips from cities, outdoor activities and background on Texas' culture chapters  Coverage includes: Planning chapters, Austin, San Antonio, Hill Country, Dallas, the Panhandle Plains, Houston, Gulf Coast, South...

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After Tomorrow Stockists

What if you woke up tomorrow and everything had changed? Money is worthless. Your friends are gone. Armed robbers roam the streets. No one is safe. For Matt and his little brother Taco that nightmare is a reality. Their only hope of survival is to escape through the Channel Tunnel. But danger waits on the other side...Stay or go. What would you do?

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Brazil Bundle (Print Only) by Lonely Planet Stockists

Save 30% when you buy the Bundle ! Plan the perfect trip to Brazil with three great titles for one great price. Bundle contains Brazil travel guide, Rio de Janeiro city guide and the Brazilian Portuguese phrasebook. See individual titles below for more detail. *Please note: The 30% off bundles are not eligible for any further discounts or in combination with other promotions.

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PM Magenta: Jack's Road (PM Gems) Level 2, 3 Stockists

Jack makes a road for his toy cars. Jack and Billy play with their toy cars and buses on the new road. Magenta level titles (equivalent to the Pink book band) are perfect for introducing fundamental reading concepts and skills to early and emergent readers. PM Gems offer 50 extra titles for your early and emergent readers. Includes much-loved characters such as Kitty Cat and Little Chimp.

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All Clear Stockists

Traveling back in time from Oxford circa 2060 into the thick of World War II was a routine excursion for three British historians eager to study firsthand the heroism and horrors of the Dunkirk evacuation and the London Blitz. But getting marooned in war-torn 1940 England has turned Michael Davies Merope Ward and Polly Churchill from temporal tourists into besieged citizens struggling to survive Hitler's devastating onslaught. And now there's more to worry about than just getting back home: The impossibility of altering past events has always been a core belief of time-travel theory - but it may be tragically wrong....

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A Dark Sicilian Secret both Stockists

Modern May 2011 She can run… Lethally attractive Vittorio d’Severano was everything Jillian Smith wanted – until she discovered his secret life and her dreams of a happy-ever-after crumbled into dust… Broken-hearted and terrified, Jill disappeared. But she can’t hide! Now Vitt has returned – to claim the tiny son Jill has sworn to keep from him! But to stay with her child she must put Vitt’s ring on her finger. Yet what kind of relationship can they have when it’s based on secrets…and a heat impossible to resist?

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Goosebumps: Stay Out of the Basement Stockists

They’re baa-ack! Prepare to get Goosebumps all over again before the film release in August 2015. #goosebumps #halloween-1016

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