Bargain Elinchrom Quadra Shoulder Strap Stockists

Elinchrom Quadra Shoulder Strap Stockists

A replacement or spare shoulder carry strap for the Elinchrom Quadra or ELB400 power pack, making the portable power pack even more convenient to use.

Bargain Deal: £26.00

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Elinchrom 85cm White Umbrella

"The most portable way to make light larger and softer. Easily carried and transported, and light weight. The black backing to the umbrella prevents light loss while the glossy white internal surface ensures a high..."


Elinchrom Quadra Flash Cable 2m (Straight)

"A 2m straight extension cable for use with the Elinchrom Quadra heads. Multiple cables can be daisy chained togetherhowever the use of extension cables can reduce the performance - for best results use the 2.5m..."


Elinchrom Deep 105cm Translucent Umbrella

"Manufactured using 16 fiberglass rods to maintain its perfectly circular shape, the Elinchrom Deep 105cm Translucent Umbrella can be used either as a shoot-through, or reflective, umbrella. When used as a shoot-through..."


Elinchrom Ranger RX to EL Adapter Cable

"The Elinchrom Ranger RX to EL Adapter Cable Adapts EL standard flash heads to the Ranger RX power packs. (Mains modelling lamp and fan are deactivated)."


Elinchrom ELB400/Quadra Charger for Lithium Ion Battery

"The Elinchrom Charger for Lithium Ion Batteries is a spare or replacement mains charger for use with the Elinchrom Quadra Lithium-Ion battery (NB not for use with the Lead-Gel battery pack)."


Elinchrom ELB 400 Pack with Li-Ion Battery and Charger

"Powerful, inside and out: the ELB400 power pack builds on the success of Elinchrom's Quadra units to provide photographers with highly portable and convenient on-location lighting. Equipped with an intuitive OLED..."


Elinchrom 83cm Translucent Umbrella

"The Elinchrom 83cm Translucent Umbrella is an ideal way make light larger and softer."


Elinchrom Ranger RX Car Battery Supply Adaptor

"Designed to be used directly with any 12v car battery providing approx 800 flashes at full power. An integrated protection circuit protects against reversed polarity. Only compatible with the Ranger RX Powerpack."


Elinchrom ELB1200 Battery HD

"The Elinchrom ELB1200 Battery HD offers 400 flashes at full power, or 120 min of continuous light at full LED power. Designed to travel safe and light – lightweight, portable, and weather-resistant."


Elinchrom Ranger RX 4m Extension Cable

"A 4 metre extension cable for Elinchrom Ranger RX heads"


Elinchrom Silver Reflector for Deep 105cm Umbrella

"The Elinchrom 105cm Black Diffuser (Silver Reflector) is ideally used with the Elinchrom Deep 105cm Translucent Umbrella to deliver the lighting effect of a direct softbox. The central position of the Elinchrom..."


Elinchrom Ranger Quadra to Classic Elinchrom Socket Adapter

"This adaptor cable will allow the user to connect Elinchrom EL flash A heads to the Ranger Quadra RX Power Pack."


Elinchrom Digital 1200 RX Powerpack

"Elinchrom has a long tradition of excellent power pack designs for professional imaging. The latest Digital RX series incorporates electronic know-how combined with high manufacturing quality at affordable prices...."


Elinchrom Ranger RX Battery

"Elinchrom Ranger RX and Freestyle spare/replacement battery features a very robust and long lasting Gel-Electrolyte Battery (12 V/7 Ah).This does NOT fit the Ranger Speed or Speed AS. Fully charged battery will..."


Elinchrom 105cm Silver Umbrella

"Silver umbrellas give very high light output. The light reflected is harsher than with the white material. Silver umbrellas are best suited for larger groups where coverage is important."

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