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Essential French Grammar Stockists

Essential French Grammar for the Sixth Form and Beyond is an invaluable resource for grammar learning in the Sixth Form for both teachers and students. This single volume provides: clear explanations and examples; extensive and progressive exercises; an answer section with additional notes highlighting those areas where mistakes are commonly made. The pragmatic approach will guide all French students from GCSE up to university entry level whatever the examination for which they are studying. It assumes very little previous knowledge of grammar and progressively takes students up to the use of those sophisticated structures which are required for top grades in examinations.

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A Dark Sicilian Secret both

"Modern May 2011 She can run… Lethally attractive Vittorio d’Severano was everything Jillian Smith wanted – until she discovered his secret life and her dreams of a happy-ever-after crumbled into dust…..."


Conquest of Everest

"29 May 2013 is the sixtieth anniversary of the first ascent of Mount Everest. The allure of Everest remains undimmed and the publication of this unique book celebrates this most majestic of mountains with exclusive..."


George's Marvellous Medicine x 30

"A Roald Dahl classic which fizzes and crackles with magic! Have you ever mixed a horrid potion in the garden or the playground? Now one boy, George, is making the yuckiest potion of all time. Floor polish, animal..."


No Going Back eBook

"Major Chase Rawlins is one of the toughest military officers around. But when publicist Kate Fitzgerald arrives at the base to prep for a visiting pop star, she makes his blood run hotter than the desert. Kate is..."


Reap the Harvest

"Following the disastrous floods of 1953 Ella Hilton is compelled to live at Brumbys' Farm with her grandmother Esther and is soon acutely aware of the mysterious surrounding her family's past. As Ella grows up..."



"I guess it had gone okay with Stevie Rae. I mean she had agreed to meet me tomorrow. And she hadn't tried to bite me which was a plus. Of course the whole trying-to-eat-the-street-person thing was highly disturbing..."


Strange Affair

"When Alan Banks receives a disturbing message from his brother Roy he abandons the peaceful Yorkshire Dales for the bright lights of London to seek him out. But Roy seems to have vanished into thin air. Meanwhile..."


PM Writing 4: Team Sports (PM Ruby) Level 28 x 6

"Join a Sports Team: an exposition where the author tries to persuade the reader to join a sports team by highlighting the benefits.We Won: a response based on a school basketball game. Text type: exposition and..."


PM Sapphire: Mixed Pack (PM Plus Non-fiction) Levels 29, 30 x6

"This pack contains one copy each of the following titles: PM Sapphire: African Safari (PM Non-fiction) Levels 29, 30 PM Sapphire: Dark Zones (PM Non-fiction) Levels 29, 30 PM Sapphire: Everest (PM Non-fiction)..."


Animal Superpowers: Amazing Animal Helpers

"Think only humans can be heroes? Think again! This dramatic book uses simple levelled text and vivid photos to teach readers about some of the planet’s most super-skilled animals."



"Stanley Matthews taught us the way football should be played". (Pele). "I couldn't believe he was just a man. He was the best player in the world". (Bobby Charlton). "He told me that he used to play for just twenty..."


PM Green: The Fox who Foxed (PM Storybooks) Level 13 x 6

"A father fox must find food for the mother and baby foxes. Green level titles introduce more compound words, some longer sentences often with two clauses and different forms of text such as non-fiction, rhymes,..."


Speaker for the Dead

"A FALLEN HERO - HAUNTED BY HIS PAST BUT CAN HE CHANGE THE FUTURE? Ender Wiggin was once considered a great military leader a saviour for mankind. But now history judges his destruction of an alien race as monstrous..."


Everybody Loves Evie book

"Mira December 2011 This time her mission is personal…Former casino lounge singer/variety act Evie Parish has moved up in the world, joining Chameleon, an organisation that exposesfraud using reformed crooks to..."


Who Owns the Future?

"Who Owns The Future? is the new masterwork from the prophet of the digital age Jaron Lanier author of You Are Not A Gadget. In the past a revolution in production such as the industrial revolution generally..."

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