Bargain FX 123 Spares Packs Stockists

FX-123 Spares Packs Stockists

Can we be honest? Some of us here at the office do tend to, shall we say, not be the best drone flyers. And drones, when you’re not the best flyers, although they are full of handy dandy safety features and extra navigational aids… well, they crash, and stuff can get broken. If your FX-123 Quadcopter happens to have need of spare blade protectors or, indeed, rotor blades themselves, these handy Spares Packs in a choice of white or black, depending on your preference and copter contain four spare flex blades and four spare blade guards, easy to install to replace any damaged or worn out parts on your FX-123. So – crash with impunity! Or, y’know, don’t, since crashing is still generally a bad idea. 

Bargain Deal: £6.99

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