Bargain Farts in a Can Stockists

Farts in a Can Stockists

Back in the day, if you wanted to prank you siblings or your best friend the go to weapon of choice was the whoopee cushion. Famously difficult to discreetly conceal, and vastly unpredictable in levels of success, these rubber balloons were still pretty funny when the conditions were right. That’s because there’s one simple fact of life that is undeniable – farts are funny. Always have been, always will be. These beloved body expulsions are a sure-fire way to make you giggle, so luckily we have found a new way to prank your friends with guaranteed success. Farts in a Can is the gift that keeps on giving, with six distinct realistic sound effects, this nifty toy is a pranksters dream. Even the can looks cheeky! So cast aside your outdated bottom burp technology and get up to date with all the best squeaky trumps that money can buy!

Bargain Deal: £1.99

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MenkindFarts in a Can£1.99Visit Store in a Can£1.99Visit Store
PrezzyboxFarts In A Can£5.99Visit Store

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