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Nora is more certain than ever that she is in love with Patch. Fallen angel or no he is the one for her. Her heritage and destiny may mean that they will always be enemies but there is no turning her back on him. But now they face their biggest challenge. Can their love survive a seemingly insurmountable divide. And in the end will there be enough trust left to rebuild what has been broken? The lines are drawn - but which sides are they on?

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Disney Learning: Moana - English Practice (Ages 5-6)

"Practise your English skills with Moana and her friends in this fun and colourful workbook, featuring artwork inspired by the film!"


PM Green: House-Hunting (PM Storybooks) Level 12

"The Bear family is looking for a new home that is the right size. Green level titles introduce more compound words, some longer sentences often with two clauses and different forms of text such as non-fiction,..."


Aftertime both

"THE WORLD IS GONE. THE DEAD ARE WALKING. HER DAUGHTER IS MISSING. Cass Dollar vaguely recalls surviving something terrible. Around her is barren wasteland where cities once stood. Her body is ravaged. Her daughter..."


Think of the Children

"Detective Sergeant Jessica Daniel is first on the scene as a stolen car crashes on a misty wet Manchester morning. The driver is dead but the biggest shock awaits her when she discovers the body of a child wrapped..."



China travel guide - Heilongjiang (1.194Mb), 15th Edition Jun 2017 by Lonely Planet

"Lonely Planet China is your passport to the most relevant, up-to-date advice on what to see and skip, and what hidden discoveries await you. Try dumplings in Beijing, visit the Great Wall or cruise down the Yangzi..."


Charade Of The Heart eBook

"Now that wasn't fair! Marcos Adrino might have been taken in by Beth's impersonation of her identical twin sister, but neither she nor Laura deserved that label! Beth knew she was playing with fire by agreeing to..."


Boris Starts School

"When Miss Cluck tells her little pupils that there is going to be a new animal in their class they are all very excited. In fact there are squeals of delight. Nobody expects the new animal to be a grizzly bear!..."


Katie Batter Up!

"Katie's Cupcake Club friends all have other activities besides making cupcakes. Mia and Alexis are on the football team and Emma plays the flute. Katie sets out to find her extracurricular niche and soon she's dribbling..."


Conquest of the Ocean

"This is a captivating read spanning 5 000 years of the oceans history. Conquest of the Ocean" tells the 5 000 year history of the remarkable individuals who sailed seas for trade to conquer new lands to explore..."


Kiss River ebook

"Your future is within your grasp. How far are you willing to go? Your adopted child is in an orphanage. Only you can save her. But you need money, a lot of money, money you just don't have. Gina Higgins is on..."


Street Child

"A Carnegie Medal winner tells the true story of an urchin in Victorian London: the orphan boy whose plight inspired Dr Barnardo to set up his famous children’s refuge. #march-star-buys"


Kindred in Death

"A phone call from up high interrupts Eve's plans to have a lazy day with Roarke: The teenage daughter of Captain Jonah McMasters head of the NYPD drug squad has been found raped and strangled. A terrifying video..."


Summer Vows eBook

"A Hideaway Wedding Wager Twins Ana and Jason, and their cousin Nicholas are successful thirtysomethings who are single—and loving it. They have no idea that their relatives are betting on which one of them will..."


Treasure of Khan

"Treasure of Khan" is Clive Cussler's nineteenth "Dirk Pitt" thriller. From the frigid lakes of Siberia to the hot wastes of the Gobi desert Dirk Pitt is on the trail of fabled treasure...Rescuing an oil survey..."

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