Bargain Free Flow Pourers White (Pack of 12) Stockists

Free Flow Pourers White (Pack of 12) Stockists

Keep your bar top free from corrosive spills with the Free Flow Pourer which allows you a far more accurate and controlled pour. The plastic construction is highly durable, features a ribbed rubber cork and is suitable for spirits, juices, syrups and oils

Bargain Deal: £3.99

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Waterford Crystal - Lismore 60th Anniversary and Diamond - Diamond Flute Pair

"The Lismore collection from Waterford Crystal is a timeless classic. In celebration of its 60th Anniversary, Waterford have created some truly fantastic pieces! This pair of Diamond Flutes are certainly no exception."


Roma Glass Bottle 500ml (Single)

"The perfect size for home brew beer, this 50cl Roma Glass Bottle with clip top lid is also ideal for decanting other beverages such as cordials and soft drinks. Alternatively this green tinted glass bottle could..."


Authentic Recycled Glass Storage Jar with Cork Lid 1.5ltr (Case of 6)

"Full of vintage charm, the Authentic Recycled Storage Jar with Cork Lid offers a truly rustic style to your food storage. Adding style to your kitchen."


Tulip Wine Bucket with Pipe Stand

"The perfect pair for presenting wine, the Tulip Wine Bucket with Pipe Stand from bar@drinkstuff is ideal for your dinner party or restaurant. This stainless steel set is ideal for chilling both wine and champagne..."


Black Enamel Ice Bucket with Tongs

"Imagine you're having a swanky party and you've spent hours organising which drinks to serve until everything seems perfect. Then you realise all you've got to dish out ice in is a plastic ice tray! With a solid,..."


Genware White Cream Whipper 500ml & 10 Refill Bulbs (Single)

"Holding a fantastic 500ml, this Genware Cream Whipper is the perfect way to add whipped cream to desserts, hot chocolate or even coffee."


Tiny Temptations Mini Plastic Wine Carafes 7.5oz / 210ml (Pack of 6)

"The Tiny Temptations Mini Wine Carafes offer a premium look for serving party drinks. Ideal for serving smaller tasters of wine or mini cocktails."


Vinoteque Perlage Champagne Flutes 6.3oz / 180ml (Case of 24)

"With an intelligent design, the Vinoteque Perlage Champagne Flutes offer scientifically engineered features. Ideal for enhancing champagne, sparkling wine or prosecco, these champagne glasses aim to keep the bubbles..."


Custom Nucleated Islande Hiball Glasses 12.75oz / 360ml (21 x Cases of 48)

"Promotion is a major part of running a business, and if you run a pub or bar the best place to advertise yourselves is on your glassware. These Islande Hiball Glasses feature a nucleated base which can be customised..."


Cristal D'Arques Longchamp Wine Glasses 6oz / 170ml (Pack of 6)

"With the sophisticated look of cut glass, the Cristal D'Arques Longchamp Wine Glasses offer a more resistant, superior build than standard stemware. The innovative new material Diamax gives these wine glasses exceptional..."


Grande Margarita Glass 70oz / 2ltr (Single)

"With a 2 litre capacity you'll need plenty of tequila, triple sec and lime juice to fill the Grande Margarita Glass! Perfect for filling with a tropical cocktail punch for sharing, this over-sized piece of stemware..."


Flamefield Acrylic Juice Glasses Clear 6oz / 170ml (Case of 48)

"The ultimate in versatile drinking glasses, the Clear Acrylic Juice Glasses are break resistant and perfect for using outdoors and at parties. The clear acrylic makes this drinkware look just like glass but without..."


Kilner Ceramic Storage Jars Moonlight Grey 0.6ltr (Case of 6)

"The Kilner Ceramic Storage Jars bring vintage chic to your food storage. With earthy pastel tones, these matte finish Kilner jars include an airtight seal."


Luminarc Potclub Storage Jar 0.75ltr (Case of 6)

"This Luminarch 0.75L Potclub jar is the perfect addition to any kitchen. Made of non-toughened glass, perfect for displaying your treats."


Disposable Water Cups White 7oz / 200ml (Sleeve of 100)

"Perfect for any occasion, the classic Disposable Water Cups aren't limited to just water, they are suitable for any cold drinks. Ideal for keeping in office lunch rooms, or for catering at your next party, these..."

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