Bargain Game Boy Heat Change Mug Stockists

Game Boy Heat Change Mug Stockists

Nostalgia is a powerful motivating force for anyone; it can bring with it feelings of regret and melancholy, a desire to return to the past, and a longing for how things used to be. At the same time, it can bring happier memories along with it, too: joyful childhood experiences, long evenings playing on a brand-new handheld your parents bought you, and the thrill of winning against that final boss. We here at Menkind know that feeling as well as anyone else, and we have to admit, there’s a lot of happy memories that get brought up by the Game Boy Heat Change mug. With the heat change decals, the mug has an accurate representation of the layout of the controls of the original Game Boy, and when you pour hot water in, you get to see a still from Super Mario Land on one side, and another featuring Princess Daisy and Mario on the back. Bringing back that extra-sweet feeling of nostalgia along with it (tiny pixelated Mario is so cute!). Decals aside, this mug is a perfectly practical piece of crockery, with a 300ml capacity, perfect for any hot beverage you prefer. This mug is a really fun reminder of the halcyon days of handheld gaming, and is sure to make your trips down memory lane taste more sweet than bitter. 

Bargain Deal: £9.99

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