Bargain Guitar Lunch Box Stockists

Guitar Lunch Box Stockists

If you embody the rock and roll lifestyle, the guitar case is bound to be a staple part of your wardrobe. Sometimes though, the full sized version can become a little cumbersome, and the worst part is it’s so full of guitar you can barely fit any food in it. Nightmare. So if you fancy a lighter version of your favourite accessory, the Guitar Lunch Box is the perfect addition to your collection! After all, when you spend your time travelling from town to town and staying up late you’re bound to need some hearty food to keep you going! This Guitar Lunch Box is perfectly proportioned to fit in all of your favourite snacks, protecting all your tastiest nibbles and keeping your Cream, raspberry Pearl Jam and Rolling ‘Scones’ fresh at all times! The snazzy lunch box even comes with a set of stickers to fully customise your case. So if you live on a diet of sweets, dips and sausages rolls then the Guitar Lunch Box is just the thing to whet your appetite!

Bargain Deal: £11.99

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MenkindGuitar Lunch Box£11.99Visit Store Lunch Box£11.99Visit Store
PrezzyboxGuitar Lunch Box£14.99Visit Store

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