Bargain Hahnel HL XM500 Battery (Sony NP FM500) Stockists

Hahnel HL-XM500 Battery (Sony NP-FM500) Stockists

The Hahnel HL-XM500 Battery is the equivalent to the Sony FM500 battery and ideal as a spare or replacement battery for the Sony Alpha range of digital SLR cameras.

Bargain Deal: £39.99

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Hahnel HL-PB13 Battery (Panasonic DMW-BLB13E)

Spare or replacement battery (equivalent to the Panasonic DMW-BLB13E) for the panasonic G1, GH1 and GF1 range of digital cameras.

Bargain Hahnel HL-EL1 Battery (Nikon EN-EL1) Stockists

Hahnel HL-EL1 Battery (Nikon EN-EL1)

Hahnel HL-EL1 (Nikon). Equivalent to Nikon EN-EL1 for the Nikon Coolpix 775, 880, 885, 4300, 995,4500, 5000, 5700, 8700.

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The Hahnel Extreme Power Kit HLX-EL15HP charges two ‘Extreme’ HLX-EL15HP batteries simultaneously (Hahnel brand and 3rd party). This compact and portable system can be connected to any USB power source, making it a convenient power solution.

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The Hahnel HL- S1410 (Samsung BP1410) is a spare or replacement battery for the Samsung NX30 and WB2200 digital cameras.

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The Hahnel HLEL18 Battery (Nikon ENEL18) is a spare or replacement battery, equivalent to the Nikon ELEL18, for the Nikon D4, D4s, and D5.

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