Bargain Hand & Foot Nail Clippers Stockists

Hand & Foot Nail Clippers Stockists

Nobody wants to become a creepy long nailed freakazoid, so to avoid the possibility of growing weird animalistic talons, this very ‘handy’ Hand & Foot Nail Clipper is your adorable aptly shaped snappy saviour. Making it easier than ever to identify your hands from your feet, this cool grooming kit provides you with some appendage accessories to keep you neatly groomed at all times. Super light and portable, this duo is ideal for your bathroom, bedside table or for taking with you on your travels, as each clipper is fitted with a keychain and built-in nail file. These stainless steel phalange neateners are the mani-pedi accessories that add a little bit of cute to your grooming regime! Please note: we only have the silver style Hand & Foot Nail Clippers.

Bargain Deal: £5.99

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