Bargain Harry Potter Heat Change Mug Stockists

Harry Potter Heat Change Mug Stockists

Any Potter fan will be able to tell you exactly what the Marauder’s Map is right away but if you are unsure, it’s basically a super cool map of the whole of Hogwarts that only opens when the magic words are spoken and can show you the whereabouts of everyone in the school. This officially licensed mug is a perfect homage to that very map, as it can magically change right before your eyes. At first sight, it’s just a mug that says ‘I solemnly swear I am up to no good’ on the front with a couple of cheeky footprints around the side. But when you add hot water to the mug, everything changes. The dark black mug fades to reveal the mystical Marauder’s Map to the drinker! Once you have finished your potion or tea, ‘Mischief Managed’ is printed on the inside of the mug, so you can keep the map undercover to any spying eyes. Adding a sprinkling of magic to your tea break, this fantastic Harry Potter Heat Change Mug is made from solid ceramic and has a capacity of around 400ml.

Bargain Deal: £9.99

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