Bargain Hexbug BattleBots Push Strike Stockists

Hexbug BattleBots Push Strike Stockists

There once was a time when if you wanted to be part of the Battlebots crew you would need at least a degree in engineering, robotics or computer science. Well, not anymore! Now you can have all the fun of the Battlebots in your own home. These awesome little robots come in four different styles, and each is picked randomly so you never know who you will receive. Tombstone comes with a spinning blade and Witch Doctor has a battering ram and each of these weapons are automatically activated as the wheels turn. Then there’s Bronco with a flipper and Bite Force’s scoop and flip weapon, these two weapons are both button activated. Now you know how to use the weapons, it’s time to get to fighting! Collect all four of the Battlebots for the ultimate in robot combat. Please note: unfortunately, we are unable to offer a choice of Battlebot. Therefore, a robot will be chosen at random.

Bargain Deal: £4.99

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