Bargain Hexbug Battlebots Arena Stockists

Hexbug Battlebots Arena Stockists

The perfect place for intense mechanical battles has to be in this incredible Battlebots Arena. Just like the arenas on the show we all know and love, this set brings the world of Battlebots straight into your home. Two Battlebots are included in the set, you just need to decide if you want to be Tombstone or the Witch Doctor and then you are ready to go. Drop the robots into the destruction zone and fight to the death, just make sure you watch out for the corners, as two of them are home to giant push activated hammers which are perfect for crushing robots! Each remote control Battlebot is super easy to control and comes with three magnetised pieces around their bodies. The first person to knock off all their enemies’ pieces is crowned the winner! The arena features high walls to make sure all that you have crumbled off the other robots is easy to find and replace, plus it acts as a protective barrier to you when parts come flying off! 

Bargain Deal: £79.99

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