Bargain Interfit Strobies Standard Hotshoe Adapter Sync Jack Stockists

Interfit Strobies Standard Hotshoe Adapter Sync Jack Stockists

Designed to fit the standard hotshoe on the majority of SLR cameras, the Interfit Strobies Standard Hotshoe Adapter Sync Jack provides you with a PC Sync terminal where it is not available on the camera, enabling the operation of studio flash equipment via a standard sync cable.

Bargain Deal: £9.99

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Interfit Speed Ring for Profoto

"Designed for use with InterfitÂ’s line of professional softboxes, the Interfit Speed Ring for Profoto is made out of high-quality metal to ensure stability, and will fit any square, rectangle, strip, or octagonal..."


Interfit Pro Snoot

"The Interfit Pro Snoot sheds a harder and slightly narrower beam of light than a honeycomb. Snoots are ideally suited for tighter control of hair-lights in portrait or fashion work, or can be used in product photography..."


Interfit 32w Fluorescent Lamp

"The Interfit INT042 lamps are near-daylight balanced 32 Watt fluorescent lamps designed to work with the Super Cool-lite heads, such as the 455 and 655."


Interfit Cool-lite 60cm Popup Light Tent Kit

"Interfit's Cool-lite kits are perfect for no-fuss product and still-life photography. The pop-up lighting tent helps eliminate shadows and reflections and features a removable blue background cloth. The front panel..."


Interfit EX300 Twin Head Umbrella/Softbox Kit

"Interfit's EX300 Flash Head is a step up from the entry-level EX150 MkII heads; offering all the same features with twice the power and several improvements. The head is fan-cooled and a larger body is utilised..."


Interfit S1 Twin Head Kit

"The Interfit S1 is an affordable 500Ws, AC/DC powered monolight with high speed sync and TTL for Canon and Nikon cameras. The head is powered by a high-capacity 4500mAh Li-Ion battery which provides up to 350 full..."


Interfit SINT490 Flash Tube 400w

"This is a spare or replacement 400w flash tube for use with the Interfit EX400 flash head."


Interfit INT271 Black/White Flat Panel Reflector and Stand

"The flat panel reflector kit is an indispensable reflector with a large black or white surface which is ideal for full length fashion or portrait shoots or when working with just one or two lights. The reflector..."


500w Replacement Lamp for 500w Tungsten Heads

"Replacement ES27 lamp for 500 watt tungsten continuous lighting heads, including the INT123, INT160, INT140, INT114, INT115, INT184, INT185, INT186, INT187 and INT188. Care should be taken when installing as fingerprints..."


Interfit EX150 MKIII Twin Head Kit

"The Interfit EX150 MKIII studio flash head kits build on the success of the previous two versions with further improvements to enhance the user experience. New touch sensitive controls make operation quick and simple,..."


1000w Replacement Lamp for 1000w Halogen Heads

"Replacement lamp for 1000w Halogen Heads. Care should be taken when fitting to ensure that fingerprints are not left on the surface of the bulb, as this can decrease bulb life dramatically."


Interfit Super Coolite 655 Head

"The Interfit Super Coolite 655 Head features six 55w fluorescent lamps provide the equivalent output to 1320w of tungsten lighting per head at a near daylight 5200k. Providing a soft uniform diffused light these..."


Interfit Table Extension Legs

"The Interfit Table Extension Legs are designed for use with the Interfit Studio Table, converting it to become a free standing unit, with a height of approximately 60cm."


Interfit 60cm Pop-Up Light Tent

"Easy to use, inexpensive and convenient to store, Interfit's INT315 Pop-Up Light Tent is great for product photography and particularly popular with eBay users. Using a tent allows you to control shadows and reflections..."


Interfit Stellar X Solarlite Twin Head Large Softbox Kit

"Silent, solid and lightweight, the Interfit Stellar X Solarlite provides high power, constant halogen lighting at an affordable price. Though perfect for video shooting, the Solarlite is also suitable for still..."

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