Bargain Investigate: Light Sources Stockists

Bargain Investigate: Light Sources Stockists

Engage imaginations and explore a favourite topic with this exciting fact book from the ‘Light’ strand of the Investigate series, which supports the transition to confident solo reading. #halfprice-0816 #investigate-1116

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Katrakis's Last Mistress ebook Stockists

Modern September 2010 Payback…delivered on a silver platter Notorious Nikos Katrakis was looking for a new mistress when, out of the blue, heiress Tristanne Barbery offered herself to him. Could satisfaction and revenge really be that easy to obtain? Tristanne knew better than to play games with a man of such devastatingly lethal charisma as Nikos. But, though she had a good idea of the kind of sacrifice she was offering, she had no choice. To Nikos’s surprise, Tristanne was not the weak, biddable good-time girl he’d expected…and soon his plans for vengeance came crumbling down around him!

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Juliet the Valentine Fairy Stockists

Juliet the Valentine Fairy is in a terrible state! She helps make every Valentines Day special for friends and sweethearts everywhere. But Jack Frost and his naughty goblins have stolen her three special Valentine objects so nobody is enjoying this most special and wonderful of days! Can Kirsty and Rachel help Juliet or will the missing Valentine items affect their friendship too...?

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PM Red: Red Puppy (PM Plus Storybooks) Level 4 x 6 Stockists

Many children will be able to relate to the theme of this story – the feeling of anguish when you are the last person to be chosen. Red Puppy seemed to be the odd one out in a basket of toys. Red level titles introduce recurring families and animal characters to engage children. Overlapping of high frequency words and sentence structures ease the transition from the previous level. PM Plus Storybooks feature a classic story structure with tension, climax and resolution to engage young readers. The books have been written using carefully selected vocabulary to ensure children experience reading success.

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Horrible Histories: Groovy Greeks Presents 'orrible Olympics Stockists

Apparently the Greeks (we mean the Ancient variety) were a rather groovy bunch. But as this book shows you, things were not always quite so jolly… and some of the things the Groovy Greeks did were actually, well, quite horrible. Tee hee!

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Understanding Maths: Practice Stockists

Understanding Maths is a series of books designed to reinforce skills and knowledge at Key Stage 2 of the National Curriculum. Each book focuses on a particular maths topic with explanations and teaching points exercises answers section and glossary of terms. The Practice book provides further reinforcement of topics introduced in books 1 to 8 of the Understanding Maths series to ensure that learning is really secure. Every page in the Practice book is cross-referenced with the other relevant Understanding book so that children can easily refer to them if they need help. The Practice book includes: adding and subtracting...

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Acting The Part eBook Stockists

Spice September 2009 From first time she met Mikhail Sommerville, actress Lydia Castle could feel the explosive chemistry with her new costar. Cast as lovers in a steamy historical film, Lydia and Mikhail don't need to pretend to be in lust with one another...both on and off the set. But with the paparazzi and tabloids watching, there is only one way for Lydia and Mikhail to release their sexual tension and keep their privacy: by acting out their passion in the most intense sex scene of their lives...

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Modern Welsh Dictionary Stockists

The Modern Welsh Dictionary is intended for the growing number of learners of Welsh in all walks of life and is designed with your needs in mind. It contains hundreds of example phrases of spoken and written Welsh so that you can see the language in context. Excellent grammar notes on tricky words and important topics mean that help is always on hand whether you are working in Welsh or in English. The handy paperback format and superior coverage of vocabulary makes the Modern Welsh Dictionary the first choice for beginner- and intermediate-level learners of the language as well as those who want a quick-reference dictionary...

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National Curriculum Revision: English Revision Guide (Year 6) Stockists

The essential revision guide that covers everything you need to know this year. Get on track for school success. This fun and colourful revision book keeps you on top of everyday school learning, and gets you ready for classroom tests. Recap and revise all the essential content you’ve learned in school this year. Then check your skills with fun quick tests. Perfect support for the National Tests – in class or at home. Structured revision matched to the curriculum Recaps a whole year of English schoolwork Includes activities and skills check questions Ideal preparation for Year 6 National Tests...

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Dive Red Sea Stockists

Of the eight nations with Red Sea coastlines Egypt has attracted the greatest number of diving visitors and continues to do so. DIVE RED SEA offers fresh new insights into the classic Egyptian dives as well as exploring a few spots that have recently been discovered.

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Collins Complete Guide to British Birds Stockists

A complete photoguide to all the birds of Britain from the best nature publisher in the UK Collins Complete Guide to British Birds makes bird identification easier than ever before. It is the most complete photographic guide to British birds ever published and the only one to be designed to give everything that you need on each spread in a simple-to-use format. Every text entry covers identification of adults and juveniles songs and calls and where they are most likely to be found. Illustrated with specially commissioned photography and maps to show where in Britain the birds are found and at what time of year this accessible...

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