Bargain Investigate: Magnets Stockists

Bargain Investigate: Magnets Stockists

Engage imaginations and explore a favourite topic with this exciting fact book from the ‘Forces’ strand of the Investigate series, which supports the transition to confident solo reading. #halfprice-0816 #investigate-1116

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Spain Stockists

The world is open for travel and people are looking for new ways to experience a destination. The acclaimed National Geographic Traveler" series offers just that. Each guide presents the country in full beginning with an overview to help develop a game plan. Popular features include insider tips from National Geographic experts; not-to-be-missed lists; experiential sidebars; sections on contemporary life history and culture; special excursions; handy maps; and a hefty Travelwise selection with hand-picked hotels and restaurants. This beautiful guide makes the exquisite country of Spain accessible to every traveller."

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Fast Forward Orange: Unusual Hobbies (Non-fiction) Level 16 Stockists

Hobbies are fun things that people like to do in their spare time. But some people have more unusual hobbies than others… Fast Forward Instructional Texts are especially designed for teacher-led guided or shared reading sessions with less-able readers (either individuals or groups at the same level) and form the core of Fast Forward’s finely-levelled approach. Vibrant illustrations and photographs are paired with engaging, varied topics and stories to ensure that there’s something for every type of reader. Audio to accompany each Instructional Text can be downloaded from Fast...

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Changeling: Blood Wolf Stockists

Trey thought he was the only one. It was a lie. The last hereditary werewolf has found his pack -- and they're vicious bloodthirsty and truly wild. Trey has had enough of vampires demons and sorcerors. He needs to get in touch with his real family -- the ones with fur fangs and killer instincts. But the wolf pack howling at the moon in Canada is not what he expected. And without the protection of de-fanged vampire and demon-hunter Lucien Charron the family secret is more dangerous than he ever knew. Trey's out of control. Can the werewolf be tamed?

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Our Song Birds Stockists

In this beautiful follow-up to 2012's hit Our Garden Birds street artist Matt Sewell offers more watercolours and quirky descriptions of British songbirds. In Matt's world the peewit sings the blues and the bittern fills his neck 'like a tweed pair of bellows'. Distinctive and enchanting with a songbird for each week of the year this delightful gift book will appeal to birders children and adults and art and design fans alike.

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Crochet to Go! Stockists

No more traditional 'granny square' Crochet to Go!" is filled with modern motif patterns in every shape and colour. These portable projects are perfect for crocheters on the move! Each motif is interchangeable with at least five others providing a wide variety of creative and unique design possibilities. Once you've created your motifs crochet expert Ellen Gormlet teaches you how to use them in a variety of different projects large or small incorporating single or multiple motifs."

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Close-Up Continents: Mapping Europe Stockists

The prettiest guide to our planet! Welcome to Europe: home of cuckoo clocks, the Eiffel Tower, spaghetti bolognese, Lippizaner dancing horses, BMW motors, Spanish flamenco, the Alps and oh-so-much more! This book is a journey through a continent of wonders, both man-made and natural – all shown in beautiful illustrated maps. What’s not to like? You’ll explore history, culture, landmarks, wildlife, population, industry, sport: basically, everything. All revealed in bite-sized fact boxes and gorgeous hand-drawn colour art. All the key facts about Europe in an eye-catching visual style Perfect for visual learners...

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Boots and Bullets book Stockists

Intrigue October 2011 He’d give his all to protect the woman he loves…but will it be enough?Cyrus Winchester’s last attempt at helping a damsel in distress led to a stay in the Whitehorse hospital. But the Montana private investigator can’t seem to shake his protective instincts, especially when it comes to local shop owner Kate. While unconscious, he had dreamed of her brutal murder – or was it a dream?With her girl-next-door good looks and adventurous spirit, Kate doesn’t see herself as a victim – but Cyrus is sure that she’s in danger. And this powerful protector isn’t about to take a risk with her life....

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Discover More Pack x 4 (Age 9+) Stockists

Our flagship non-fiction series. Sensational facts, links and photos in an interactive layout: the power of the web, but in a book. We all love to look stuff up online. So at Scholastic, we had a bright idea: what if we could make fact books as cool as the web? Discover More is what we came up with. Books you can browse through, surfing through pictures or checking out fun tidbits and extras. All with cool graphics and expert data, plus FREE digital books. And it works: you’re so into the idea that you’ve made it one of our top series. Thank you. Stunning non-fiction from a bestselling series Incredible facts,...

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PM Red: Guided Reading Pack (PM Plus Storybooks) Level 4 (60 books) Stockists

This pack contains six copies each of the following titles: PM Red: Bedtime (PM Plus Storybooks) Level 4 PM Red: Jack’s Birthday (PM Plus Storybooks) Level 4 PM Red: Let’s Pretend (PM Plus Storybooks) Level 4 PM Red: Little Chimp and Big Chimp (PM Plus Storybooks) Level 4 PM Red: Lucky Dip (PM Plus Storybooks) Level 4 PM Red: Mother Bird (PM Plus Storybooks) Level 4 PM Red: My Book (PM Plus Storybooks) Level 4 PM Red: My Tower (PM Plus Storybooks) Level 4 PM Red: Red Puppy (PM Plus Storybooks) Level 4 PM Red: Sam’s Race (PM Plus Storybooks) Level 4 Red level titles introduce recurring families...

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Everyday Words - French Stockists

Excellent for young children learning new languages these enchanting picture word books features thousands of Jo Litchfield's miniature hand-modelled characters and objects. Each book in the series includes dictionary vocabulary builder and spelling and pronunciation guides.

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