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JBL Energil is a complete feed that contains select dried whole fish and crabs. It is especially made with natural nutrients for medium to large turtles. JBL Energil offers a welcoming alternative to the normal meal plan for all turtles and will even be desired by the pickiest of eaters. The food contains whole animals and the required crushing of these bits helps promote healthy movement in your pet turtle or terrapin.

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JBL Gala Flake Food - Tropical Fish - 1000 ml Stockists

With squid and healthy garlic as well as spirulina. Top quality raw materials such as fish fillet guarantee the highest level of acceptance. Newly developed fine-grinding process reduces water pollution. JBL GALA, the top quality feed, contains selected raw materials and a special blend of high-grade ingredients attuned to the feeding requirements of aquarium fish. The raw materials are finely ground using a special process which, together with the balanced combination of nutrients, ensures good digestibility and prevents undue pollution of the water. Valuable minerals and the active ingredients of spirulina algae, as well...

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