Bargain Karen McCombie Pair Stockists

Bargain Karen McCombie Pair Stockists

Take a vacation into the past with bestselling author Karen McCombie, in two dreamy tales to make you sigh with bliss. Gorgeously offbeat and full of heartwarming touches, these are your ultimate fantasy getaway. In Catching Falling Stars, you’ll be transported back to the Blitz, and into the lives of two evacuees. Next up, The Whispers of Wilderwood Hall whisks you into a servant girl’s life in 1912. Times might be tough, but don’t worry – it’s not all doom and gloom. Like any Karen McCombie book, these stories wouldn’t be complete without true friendships, thrilling discoveries and magical secrets… Two magical novels by the author of Ally’s World Over a million Karen McCombie books sold in the UK Touching tales of family, friendship and fitting in Vivid historical settings including the WWII Blitz

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Meg and Mog Pair Stockists

Think scraggly witch Meg and her cat Mog look a bit funny? Well, they are! They’ve spent forty magical years making little people chuckle. And they’re not even tired yet! What’s so funny about their books? Is it the wacky pictures, full of cheeky scribbles and bold colours? Or Mog’s startled expressions, and the way his fur sticks up? Or is it that Meg’s spells nearly always go wrong – like when she turns her teapot into a dragon? Read these books to choose YOUR funniest bits! Over 3 million Meg and Mog books sold in the UK alone A classic series adored by children for over 40 years Brilliantly...

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The Next Together Pair Stockists

Paper Towns meets The 12 Dates of Christmas: an emosh romance we can’t stop going back to! First love is great – but what about forever love? Break out the tissues: this unlucky couple keep being reborn, only to lose each other each time. Matthew and Katherine are constantly being reborn at different points in history. With one common factor: they always end up in each other’s arms. (Swoon.) But never for long! From the Crimean War to the near future, the same pattern repeats: they fall in love, only to be tragically separated. How many times can you lose the person you love? What will it take for their love to last:...

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Ferals Pair Stockists

Urban. Cool. Dystopian. Magical. The broken future belongs to the Ferals. Are you one? It’s the lava-hot new series where Divergent meets Spirit Animals. Publishers all over the world have been clawing it up. Movie rights got sold before the book was even out. We’re obsessed with it. Expect nuclear-scale fallout. Heard legends of children raised by wolves? Caw is a boy raised by three crows. In a city ravaged by evil, he hides to survive. But he’s about to inherit a really wild power. Caw can talk to animals. He can even control them, if he likes. Trouble is, there are other Ferals out there. (Try the jail, for a start.)...

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How to Draw Pair Stockists

Simple drawing guides packed with fantastic projects Foolproof instructions with clear examples and steps Includes tips on planning and cool effects to try out Perfect if you love fantasy art or superhero cartoons

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K.M. Peyton Pair Stockists

War, high society and two handsome brothers: who can resist the temptation? A Carnegie-winning epic to throw your emotions into freefall. Who said Downton?

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My Adorable Pair Stockists

Perfectly named and perfect inside. Read all about the adorable pets you dream of.

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My First Gruffalo Pair Stockists

Count forest creatures. Spot nature’s colours. Pick up first skills in the Gruffalo’s wild world.

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Nail Art Pair Stockists

The ultimate all-in-one pack of nail art goodies Kit with nail polish, nail stickers and toe separators Design guide packed with ideas and styles to try out Includes 200 nail stickers and over 750 other stickers

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Ooh! What a Lovely Pair Stockists

This is the book everyone has been waiting for: national heroes Ant and Dec Britain's most successful television duo have invited their millions of fans into their world. The pair met when they were thirteen on the set of Byker Grove in Newcastle. They didn't warm to each other immediately but soon enough they became best mates and have been inseparable both on and off screen ever since. Bad rap terrible haircuts schoolboy pranks and off-screen antics are just some of the experiences they write about in this wonderfully entertaining memoir. Ooh! What a Lovely Pair" will give readers an insight into the genuine intimacy...

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Shopkins Pair Stockists

Ultimate bliss with the cute collectibles – leaping into trolleys all over the globe! Reading, sticker play, fun facts: these books have it all. A must for your shopping cart. Get the lowdown on each Shopkin in the updated collector’s guide, which includes a fab poster. How well do you know your Shopkins friends? Then treat yourself to a story and sticker games in Supermarket Surprises. Rock out in the Small Mart aisles. A double pack of fun with the supermarket buddies Shopkins are the globe’s hottest new collectible toy Includes a collector’s guide with profiles and a poster Plus an adorable...

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