Bargain LEGO® Picture Books Pack x 4 Stockists

Bargain LEGO® Picture Books Pack x 4 Stockists

Do you like huge adventures that take you all over the globe? What about having them with the LEGO® Star Wars™ and DC Comics heroes? Oh, and lastly – do you like reading? Well, actually, even if you don’t like reading, it doesn’t matter. These action-packed LEGO® picture books will change your mind! Seriously: they’re bursting with giggles, battles and excitement, plus massive cartoon picture scenes. You’re going to LOVE them. We say so. Superman says so. Hey, even Darth Vader says so – and nobody argues with Vader! Comic-style picture books with big cartoon scenes Plenty of jokes and simple text in easy-read captions All the favourite LEGO® DC and Star Wars™ characters Ideal for sharing with young fans and reluctant readers #mini-series-sc17

Bargain Deal: £7.99

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Classic Picture Books Pack x 7 Stockists

Timeless treats for small people to share with your favourite grown-ups. Ones to warm your heart, make you smile and show you how special books can be.

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Funny Picture Books Pack x 4 Stockists

Naughty knights? Hungry foxes? Very smelly feet? Don’t be scared – but DO laugh very loudly! How many ways can you laugh? There’s a shy behind-your-hand giggle. A nervous titter, or a sudden snort. But the kind of laugh we’re going for in THIS silly pack is a huge, loud, can’t-hold-it-in roar! From Jeanne Willis’s rather rude The Wind in the Wallows (PARP!) to Pirate Pete’s stinky feet, these books are so disgustingly funny you can even SMELL them! (Or sniff the smelly stickers, at least.) Fantastic funnies to get kids hooting with laughter Includes a sheet of cheesy scratch-and-sniff stickers ...

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Scholastic Picture Books Pack x 8 Stockists

Tempting homemade treats fresh from Scholastic Towers: the place to come for total story satisfaction. We’ve been making picture books for a long time, and we think we’ve got the recipe spot on. Delicious stories, wonderful authors, beautiful artwork – and of course, a giggle or two is just the cherry on top. Give yourself a taste of what we do in this wholesome pack of recent favourites. As yummy as a hot bun fresh from the oven, and full of tasty goodness for your mind. A marvellous pick of Scholastic picture book favourites Joyfully colourful stories bursting with child-appeal Top names including...

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Summer Picture Books Pack x 5 Stockists

Hello, summer! It’s a time to grab a bucket and spade, and head to the beach for a paddle and a play. To relax in the shade of a tree, lick an ice cream or set sail on a pirate ship. But while you do all those things, don’t forget to enjoy a great book! Stuck for ideas? This pack has five of them, full of blue skies and outdoor fun. A pack of summery favourites to share and enjoy Top authors including Ian Beck and Julia Donaldson Bursting with giggles, excitement and summer fun Keeps reading skills fresh through the holidays #editors-picks-0617

'Summer Picture Books Pack x 5 Deal' priced at £9.99  =>  Click for Deal

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