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This is a stunning international thriller and a wild compulsive ride into the greedy vortex of modern life. Imagine a drug that made your brain function to its full potential. A drug that allowed you pick up a foreign language in a single day. A drug that helped you process information so fast you could see patterns in the stock market. Just as his life is fading into mediocrity Eddie Spinola comes across such a pill: MDT-48 - a sort of Viagra for the brain. But while its benefits materialise quickly so do certain unwelcome side-effects. And when Eddie decides to track down other users he soon discovers that they're all dying or already dead...

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Bring It On book

"Blaze April 2012 Graphic designer Lena fled her ruined wedding with her best friend, filmmaker Colt. But she wasn’t expecting the “honeymoon” to be a week-long photo shoot. As the sets become more intimate,..."


Blossom Wood: The Owls of Blossom Wood - The Birthday Party

"Love owls? What if you could be one? Come and see the world from treetop height. Katie, Alex and Eva aren’t just girls – they’re also very useful owls. Now Blossom Wood needs their help again. It’s Bobby..."



Queensland & the Great Barrier Reef travel guide - Noosa & the Sunshine Coast (2.447Mb), 7th Edition Aug 2014 by Lonely Planet

"Let it all hang out in Queensland: Australia's holiday haven offers beaches, reefs, jungles, cheery locals and a laid-back tropical pace of life. Lonely Planet will get you to the heart of Queensland & the Great..."


Daughters of Rome

"This sweeping powerful epic tells the story of one of the bloodiest years in Rome's history through the eyes of two remarkable women fighting for survival A.D. 69. The Roman Empire is up for the taking. The Year..."



Matthew's Goals

"Matthew doesn't care about anything as much as football. What's more he's the best player in the whole school! But his mother has banned him from playing and she doesn't seem to care if he misses the most important..."


Firefighter Under the Mistletoe / A Marine For Ch... both

"Cherish December 2011 Firefighter Under the Mistletoe For Leanne, infuriatingly charming firefighter Christian is out of bounds. His trail of broken hearts is legendary. Leanne’s fought hard to be one of the..."


Atlantis Blueprint

"In 1982 the American scholar Charles Hapgood made an astonishing claim to a young librarian Rand Flem-Ath - that civilization was almost 100 000 years old and he had the evidence to prove it. Before he could substantiate..."


100 Lessons Pack: Year 6 x 3

"Master the new curriculum and engage all your pupils with the brand new, completely revised Scholastic 100 Lessons series. This pack contains one copy of each resource book and CD-ROM for Year 6. #100lessons-18082016..."


A Perfectly Imperfect Match / To Have the Doctor'... book

"A Perfectly Imperfect Match Jared Winterset is not in the market for a wife...until he's thrown together with beautiful violinist Elizabeth. Soon, they are enjoying themselves way too much, but Elizabeth isn't..."


Violent Volcanoes

"This title contains geography with the gritty bits left in. Where in the world can you: Find red-hot volcanic rocks the size of cars? Visit geysers that could boil you alive? Sniff some stinky sulphur?"


Ladybird Histories: Vikings

"Want to explore the past in detail? Then do it with Ladybird Histories, from the legendary experts who have got millions of curious kids reading. Books you can read all by yourself, packed with incredible knowledge..."


Her Last Night of Innocence eBook

"Modern December 2010 World-famous racing driver Cristiano Maresca always spent the night before a race in the arms of a beautiful woman… Three years ago that woman was Kate Edwards, and her time with Cristiano..."

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