Bargain Lineal Wine Glasses 10.3oz / 310ml (Case of 24) Stockists

Lineal Wine Glasses 10.3oz / 310ml (Case of 24) Stockists

Made from toughened glass, the Lineal Wine Glasses are the premier choice for serving wine at dinner parties. Designed to be extra shock resistant, these pieces of stemware can withstand a few knocks to ensure you won't have to clear up broken glass after

Bargain Deal: £69.99

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Riedel Vinum XL Cabernet Sauvignon Glasses (Pair) | 6416/00

"The machine-blown Cabernet Sauvignon glass from the Vinum XL series is made from the finest crystal glass and impresses with its classic grape varietal-specific design, for a unique and pleasurable wine-drinking..."


Vin Carafe (35.2oz / 1ltr) (Case of 6)

"The Vin Carafe gives you a visually stunning wine vessel that instantly enhances any table setting. Perfect for decanting and serving your favourite tipple, this 1 litre glass carafe is also ideal for other drinks,..."


Entertain Hurricane Cocktail Glasses 14.8oz / 420ml (Pack of 2)

"The elegantly shaped Entertain Hurricane Cocktail Glasses offer a practical and versatile design. The hurricane shape 42cl bowl is perfect for filling up with a classic Hurricane cocktail, but is equally suitable..."


Riedel Veritas Beer Glasses (Pair) | 6449/11 (copy)

"Riedel Veritas collection revolutionizes the grape varietal-specific wine glass. The result is convincing: lighter, thinner and yet dishwasher-safe - for a unique wine-drinking experience.From a simple wine glass..."


Arc Broc Jug 45.8oz / 1.3ltr (Single)

"You can't always predict how much of something your guest is going to want. Instead of guessing, let them help themselves by placing a glass jug in the centre of the table. This Arc Broc Jug is ideal for filling..."


The Ultimate Pint Glass Head Booster 20oz / 568ml (Case of 24)

"The Ultimate Pint Glass has been specially designed by glassware manufacturer Arcoroc in conjunction with the Design Council to help combat the number of glass related violent crimes. This glass features a unique..."


Elite Polycarbonate Irish Coffee Glasses Black 8oz / 230ml (Single)

"With a stylish black finish, the Elite Polycarbonate Irish Coffee Glasses are the perfect way to serve any hot drinks. Ideal for commercial establishments, these virtually unbreakable glasses are perfect for using..."


Lemon Wedge Plastic Glasses 40oz / 1.1ltr (Set of 5)

"Whether you're serving lemonade, or a nice fruity cocktail, the Lemon Wedge Plastic Glasses live up to their name with their large yellow lemon wedge shape! Complete with a green lid and a flexible drinking straw,..."


Campus Hiball Glasses 6.3oz / 180ml (Pack of 6)

"With a distinctive look and practical design, the Campus Hiball Glasses are ideal for serving up a variety of beverages such as soft drinks, juices and cocktails. Extremely functional, these stackable 18cl glasses..."


Elite Remedy Polycarbonate Pint Nucleated Tumblers CE 20oz / 568ml (Set of 4)

"Perfect for bars, parties and events, the Remedy Polycarbonate Pint Tumblers are made from durable, reusable plastic. With a nucleated base, they are specifically designed for keeping the head on your pint for longer...."


Plastic Candy Stripe Hurricane Cup with Krazy Straw 21.1oz / 600ml (Case of 24)

"The Plastic Candy Stripe Hurricane Cup adds a fun touch to your drinks service, and comes complete with a reusable Krazy Straw. Vibrantly finished in red and white candy cane stripes, this cup is perfect for fitting..."


Disposable Water Cups White 7oz / 200ml (Case of 2000)

"Perfect for any occasion, the classic Disposable Water Cups aren't limited to just water, they are suitable for any cold drinks. Ideal for keeping in office lunch rooms, or for catering at your next party, these..."


Capri Pina Colada Glasses 13.4oz / 380ml (Case of 24)

"Specially designed for serving up that sweet, rum-based cocktail, the Capri Pina Colada Glasses offer a classic design that's been used since the invention of the Pina Colada in the 1950s. With a tall, elegant stem..."


Riedel Vinum Extreme Riesling / Sauvignon Blanc Glasses (Pair) | 4444/05

"From a simple wine glass to a glass which is a pleasure to drink from: every Riedels collection arises out of sensory workshops designed to engage all the senses. No other name is as closely associated with European..."


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