Bargain Luminara Flickering Flame Candles Stockists

Luminara Flickering Flame Candles Stockists

The Flickering Flame Candle is the most realistic artificial candle we have ever seen (and as we regularly frequent trade shows, with about a gazillion artificial candle stalls, that’s quite a boast!). Like every other artificial candle, they are 100% safe, unless one falls from a shelf and hits you on your head; we obviously mean they won't burn your house down! The flickering candles are perfect if someone in your home has young inquisitive hands, as zero heat is emitted. The candle itself is actually coated in wax and the gentle flicker of the flame only adds to the realism. Even up close the effect is still extremely impressive, and we guarantee the first time you see it you’ll be tempted to reach out and touch it. They can be placed on any flat surface and give the same romantic glow as a real candle. You don’t need to worry about melted wax spoiling your furniture and the only time they’ll go out is when the batteries need replacing.

Bargain Deal: £39.99

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