Bargain Mavala Mava White   10ml Stockists

Mavala Mava-White - 10ml Stockists

Various external factors (colour pigments, nicotine etc.) can stain, yellow or make your nails look dull and unsightly. The innovative formulation of Mava-White hides the unsightly appearance of stained, dull nails, whilst giving them a natural and healthy look. Mava-White is an optical colour perfector for the nails thanks to specific pigments that react to UV light. Thanks to the matte finish when used on its own, Mava-White may also be used by men whose nails have become stained or yellowed, perhaps due to nicotine, who are concerned about the appearance of their nails. There are three ways to use Mava-White: For a matt effect, apply Mava-White onto bare nails For a longer hold and shiny effect, apply a base coat before Mava-White and a top coat after For a luminous nail polish shade which is not distorted by yellow nails, apply Mava-White after a base coat and before nail polish and top coat

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