Bargain Mavala Mavaderma 10ml Stockists

Bargain Mavala Mavaderma 10ml Stockists

Stimulates nail growth Mavaderma is a protein and essential vitamins enriched nutritive oil that penetrates the pores to feed the nail matrix, in order to accelerate blood circulation and stimulate nail growth. How to use Apply Mavaderma to the skin below the crescent of the nail and massage with thumb gently to accelerate the penetration. Leave on until it is completely absorbed. Precaution Never apply Mavaderma before a manicure as it will leave an oily residue which could interfere with the adherence of base coat or nail colour.

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Mavala 002 10ml Stockists

Treatment base to protect the nail and double the lasting quality of nail polish. Nail polishes contain coloured pigments that can cause yellowing. Mavala 002 formula prevents pigments in nail polish from coming in direct contact with the nail plate and also protects it from outside elements. It perfectly adheres to the nail plate and stays slightly sticky to allow nail polish to last almost twice as long. How to use Apply over the whole surface of clean nail plate before nail colour.

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Mavala Colorfix 10ml Stockists

Strong, flexible top coat Colorfix is a clear top coat reinforced with acryl which dries to a hard, elastic glaze, contributes a brilliant sheen to nail colour and fixes it, forming an extra protective shield against flaking. How to use After the final coat of nail colour has dried, apply Colorfix over the entire nail, including the underneath portion of the nail tip and allow to dry thoroughly. A second coat of Colorfix, a few days later will brighten up your manicure and make it last even longer.

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Mavala Mavadry 10ml Stockists

Fast drying nail polish finish that enhances colour Mavadry dries nail polish in a few seconds, prevents flaking, enhances nail colour and gives a brilliant sheen. Everything you need from this manicure timesaver. How to use After applying your final coat of nail color, wait one minute then brush a thin coat of Mavadry over the entire nail surface. It dries polish in a few seconds and gives a brilliant sheen. Can also be applied after a few days to brighten up your manicure.

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Mavala Nailactan 10ml Stockists

Nutritive cream for brittle and damaged nails The nail plate is composed of three layers. It is naturally the visible outer layer that is particularly sensitive to outside elements and can very easily be dried out by too much sun, cold weather or detergents.Nailactan is composed of essential amino acids, lipids and keratobalancing vitamins. Its nourishing and moisturising action restores elasticity to the nail plate, improves its general condition and makes nails more resistant to splitting. How to use Use as a 4 to 6 weeks cure. Every night massage nail and nail root with Nailactan. Allow to act overnight.Note Can be applied...

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