Bargain New York City Stockists

Bargain New York City Stockists

New York is much more than the gateway to opportunity it s a city of triumph a capital of exploration and experimentation; a place where one is truly free to be themselves. Brandon Presser Lonely Planet Writer
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You can trust our travel information because Lonely Planet authors visit the places we write about each and every edition. We never accept freebies for positive coverage so you can rely on us to tell it like it is.
Inside This Book
Full Color Guide
Pull-out City Map
843 acres of Central Park plus map!
247 hand-picked restaurants
176 ways to swipe your plastic
84 museums & galleries
11 walking tours
Feature coverage of top sights
Range of planning tools
In-depth background on New York s food scene

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Nursery Activity Book 6 Stockists

Nursery Activity is a series of graded activity books reinforcing pre-reading and early mathematical skills (for example matching sequencing and counting). The books cover concepts such as colours shapes and numbers and feature the appealing character of Eddy the teddy. Book 6 includes: numbers to 10 adding one more and adding together two groups of objects repeating patterns and number sequences more colours.

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Gogo's Stockists

A playground sensation based on a game played with real bits of bone 2 000 years ago is selling out as soon as it hits toy store shelves! With 80 characters currently available the toy range is selling millions each week. And now here comes the Official Handbook! This is the ultimate read for any fan of Gogo's Crazy Bones. With amazing facts and top stats on all of the Gogo's loads of brilliant different games to play and a chance to design your own Gogo this is pure Crazy Bones fun!

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The SEAL's Promise / The Marshal's Prize book Stockists

The SEAL’S Promise Private investigator Chaz lives by a code of honour. Always be the protector, always tell the truth and never get involved with a client. But from the moment he meets Lacey he knows he’s in deep. And with death threats aimed at her and her three-year-old daughter Chaz will do anything to keep Lacey safe and in his arms. The Marshal’s Prize Abandoned as a baby, Federal Marshal Mitchell doesn’t know his family history. But he’s made an impressive identity for himself: hero, protector, Marine and, most recently, private investigator. Which is how he falls into Heidi Norris’s life. And now that...

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Bond Non-verbal Reasoning Assessment Papers 9-10 Years Book 2 Stockists

Bond is the number one series for 11 plus practice with over 45 years of experience. Written by expert authors Bond Assessment Papers offer continuous comprehensive support for all 11 plus subjects from ages 5 to 13. Tried and trusted Bond has helped millions of children achieve 11 plus success. - 10 carefully graded practice papers Assess your child's strengths and weaknesses to aid improvement and revision. - Covers all 11 plus question types Comprehensive coverage of all key Non-verbal Reasoning skills ideal for homework and test practice. - Answers and tips available online Improve scores and understanding with...

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Europe travel guide - Plan your trip (15.027Mb), 1st Edition Oct 2015 by Lonely Planet Stockists

We are releasing our first edition of the Europe travel guide due to popular demand for a comprehensive mid-range guidebook to Europe. Europe on a Shoestring and Discover Europe will remain in our catalogue to cater to 'budget' and 'highlight/best of' travellers. Lonely Planet Europe is your passport to the most relevant, up-to-date advice on what to see and skip, and what hidden discoveries await you. Tour French chateaux, take boat trips to Greek beaches, hike past Bulgarian monasteries and glug Spanish wine; all with your trusted travel companion. Get to the heart of Europe and begin your journey now! Lonely Planet will...

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PM Sapphire: Guided Reading Pack (PM Chapter Books) Level 29 (36 books) Stockists

This pack contains six copies each of the following titles: PM Sapphire: Cara’s Letters (PM Chapter Books) Level 29 PM Sapphire: Cool Moves (PM Chapter Books) Level 29 PM Sapphire: Eric’s Travel Diary (PM Chapter Books) Level 29 PM Sapphire: Not in a Thousand Years (PM Chapter Books) Level 29 PM Sapphire: Skeeter (PM Chapter Books) Level 29 PM Sapphire: Somebody Moved in Next Door (PM Chapter Books) Level 29 Sapphire level titles provide a selection of stories and non-fiction titles chosen for their range of content, narrative and points of view. This level encourages readers to form opinions and...

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Taken by the Border Rebel book Stockists

Historical Fiction March 2013 TORMENTED BY HER INNOCENCE As leader of his clan, Black Rob Brunson has earned every dark syllable of his name. But, having taken hostage his enemy's daughter in a fierce act of rebellion, he is tormented by feelings of guilt and torn apart with the growing need to protect her - and seduce her! Stella Storwick feels Rob's disdain from the first. Then slowly she starts to see behind his eyes to a man in turmoil. Something he has no words for, something that can only be captured in a heart-wrenching kiss... The Brunson Clan The family who will kneel to no one...

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Tightrope Stockists

When Ashley climbs up and graffiti tags a wall in the middle of the night she has no idea how serious the consequences will be. Someone sees her someone dangerous. Now Ashley is being watched ...and followed. Then the notes start arriving becoming progressively more sinister. When the threats turn deadly Ashley realizes she can't confront the stalker alone and seeks the help of local gang leader Eddie Beale. But Eddie's help doesn't come for free-he expects something in return. Ashley has to decide how far she's willing to go-and what she's prepared to risk-to unmask her stalker.

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Midnight Rider eBook Stockists

Diana Palmer delivers a tale of two unlikely lovers in turn-of-the-century Texas who are about to find love where they least expect it... Count Eduardo Cortes's fortune—and future at his beloved ranch—is in question. Tragedy, money woes and family pressure are now driving him toward a marriage of convenience. That is, until he encounters Bernadette Barron, wandering frightened and disheveled after a society ball.... Beneath the grime, it's clear Bernadette is beautiful and rich. But is she just another heartbreak waiting to happen or has Eduardo finally found the one woman who can save his ranch and heal his heart? The...

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Wake Stockists

Beautiful. Fearless. Dangerous. They're the kind of girls you envy; the kind of girls you want to hate. Strangers in town for the summer Penn Thea and Lexi have caught everyone's attention including the eye of practical Harper. But it's her sister Gemma they've chosen to be part of their group. Sixteen-year-old Gemma seems to have it all - carefree pretty and falling in love with the boy next door. But her greatest passion has always been the water. She craves late night swims under the stars where she can be alone yet belong to the sea. Lately she's had company. Penn Thea and Lexi spend their nights dancing singing...

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