Bargain PM Emerald: Alex The Super Soccer Striker (PM Guided Reading Fiction) Level 25 (6 books) Stockists

Bargain PM Emerald: Alex The Super Soccer Striker (PM Guided Reading Fiction) Level 25 (6 books) Stockists

Alexandra is very nervous about starting at a new school. She wants to be chosen for the first eleven of the soccer team. But she is the only girl at the trials.Will Alex find her confidence in time to become a super soccer striker? Emerald level (equivalent to the Lime bridging book band) provides a variety of chapter books and non-fiction titles. Readers are encouraged to experience different text types, writing styles and genres to develop their own reading tastes. PM Guided Reading Fiction books are engaging stories that increase in word count and pages in line with progression of children’s reading age, for appropriate literacy skills development. The books represent all the standard text types and include a number of literal, inferential and applied knowledge comprehension questions.

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PM Emerald: Alex The Super Soccer Striker (PM Guided Reading Fiction) Level 25 (6 books) Deals on eBay PM Emerald: Alex The Super Soccer Striker (PM Guided Reading Fiction) Level 25 (6 books) Deals on Amazon
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An Ideal Marriage? eBook Stockists

- Romantic Times

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BMA New Guide to Medicine and Drugs Stockists

The complete home reference to over 2 500 medicines - fully revised and updated. The BMA New Guide to Medicine and Drugs Eighth Edition" is the fully updated quick-reference guide to drugs for anyone wanting to know more about the medication they're taking from Britain's leading authority. Jargon-free and easy-to-follow get all the vital information you need on 2 500 of today's prescription and over-the-counter drugs fast. Find advice on understanding and using medicines and learn how they work what they treat their risks benefits side effects and how to use them safely and effectively. Plus get detailed descriptions...

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The Valentine Child eBook Stockists

- Romantic Times

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Kissed by an Angel Stockists

Ivy and Tristan are meant to be together. Both stunningly attractive brilliantly talented and very much in love they think their happiness will last forever. When a terrible car accident shatters their world killing Tristan and injuring Ivy she must face life alone - or so she thinks. However Tristan is watching over her as her guardian angel - so close she can feel his touch and hear his voice. And no one needs a guardian angel more than Ivy because someone is trying to kill her. But if Tristan saves Ivy his mission on earth will be finished and he'll have to leave her behind. Will saving Ivy mean losing her forever?

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A Vow of Obligation both Stockists

Modern May 2012 From making his bed…On a mission to steal Navarre Cazier’s laptop to save a fellow chambermaid’s reputation, Tawny Blake is caught red-handed! Blushing brighter than her flame-coloured hair, she’s sure she’ll be fired. Then Cazier presents her with a shocking proposition…To lying in it!The infamous billionaire needs to stop the prying media digging into his scandalous past, and Tawny is the perfect diversion. The seduction of society beauties has always come effortlessly to Navarre, yet getting feisty Tawny to wear his ring, even if just in public, could be his greatest challenge yet!

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Oxford Reading Tree: Stage 1+: More Songbirds Phonics: The Pins and the Pegs Stockists

Songbirds Phonics combines real phonic stories with interactive whiteboard software to deliver the requirements for high-quality phonics teaching resources. Written by award-winning Julia Donaldson these stories provide fun fully decodable texts with built-in progression help your pupils achieve immediate reading success. They are fully in line with the 2006 Framework and the simple view of reading. Each book includes notes for parents/carers and teaching assistants on the inside covers. This book is also available as part of a mixed pack of 6 different books or a class pack of 36 books of the same ORT stage. Each book pack...

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Other Side of the Bridge Stockists

Arthur and Jake: brothers yet worlds apart. Arthur is older shy dutiful and set to inherit his father's farm. Jake is younger and reckless a dangerous to know. When Laura arrives in their 1930s rural community an already uneasy relationship is driven to breaking point...

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Fuck It Therapy Stockists

If every therapist and psychotherapist on the planet could repeat this to their clients like a mantra again and again there would be fewer therapists and psychotherapists. Because it works. Very quickly. Realising that what you're worrying about and stressing over doesn't really matter so much in the grand scheme of things is the door to freedom and healing. And the little profanity 'F**k It' is the key to that door. Ask anyone who's come close to death or lost someone close to them or discovered they have a serious disease and they'll say the same thing: that the little things don't matter F**k It ...enjoy life in every...

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Bringing Home a Bachelor book Stockists

In the kitchen, chef Melinda Edgeworth creates pure magic. Too bad that doesn’t translate into her personal life. Luckily for her, Pete Dale has her in his sights. The sizzle between them is almost too intense and Melinda walks away with a definite smile on her face. But their one night won’t stay that way. Working together, their chemistry is interfering with their jobs, and the delicious solution is to get this attraction out of their systems!

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Funny Picture Books Pack x 4 Stockists

Naughty knights? Hungry foxes? Very smelly feet? Don’t be scared – but DO laugh very loudly! How many ways can you laugh? There’s a shy behind-your-hand giggle. A nervous titter, or a sudden snort. But the kind of laugh we’re going for in THIS silly pack is a huge, loud, can’t-hold-it-in roar! From Jeanne Willis’s rather rude The Wind in the Wallows (PARP!) to Pirate Pete’s stinky feet, these books are so disgustingly funny you can even SMELL them! (Or sniff the smelly stickers, at least.) Fantastic funnies to get kids hooting with laughter Includes a sheet of cheesy scratch-and-sniff stickers ...

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