Bargain PM Orange: Budgies (PM Non fiction) Levels 15, 16 x 6 Stockists

PM Orange: Budgies (PM Non-fiction) Levels 15, 16 x 6 Stockists

This book of animal facts focuses purely on budgies. The text touches on budgies’ feeding and breeding habits and also explains the differences between pet budgies and wild budgies. Orange level titles introduce new words and reinforce those already encountered. Three-syllable words are included and readers encounter different story structures – such as traditional tales and plays – to build writing skills. PM Non-fiction books are carefully researched, presenting factual information accompanied by superb photography and realistic illustrations to engage young readers.

Bargain Deal: £37.20

PM Orange: Budgies (PM Non-fiction) Levels 15, 16 x 6 Deals on eBay PM Orange: Budgies (PM Non-fiction) Levels 15, 16 x 6 Deals on Amazon
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Dirty Bertie: Zombie!

"Laughs. Wimps. Muck. Zombies. Horrible Bertie has finally met his (Undead) match."


The Family Who Made Him Whole eBook

"Bride’s Bay Surgery miniseries Juggling medicine with motherhood leaves little time for romance. But for three single mums Bride’s Bay has a magic that lives up to its name.  A nomadic lifestyle and short-term..."


Cereal Killer by Alan Watson

"This is a new book written by the author of "21 Days to a Healthy Heart" In this book the author addresses current USDA nutrition guidelines, low-fat diets and the Food Guide Pyramid."


PM Ruby: Wolves (PM Plus Chapter Books) Level 28

"Kaitlyn and her father are camping out in Glacier National Park. Kaitlyn hears some eerie howling at night, and the next day, they find signs that wolves may have been in the area. But wolves were thought to be..."


Queensland & the Great Barrier Reef travel guide - Fraser Island & the Fraser Coast (2.611Mb), 7th Edition Aug 2014 by Lonely Planet

"Let it all hang out in Queensland: Australia's holiday haven offers beaches, reefs, jungles, cheery locals and a laid-back tropical pace of life. Lonely Planet will get you to the heart of Queensland & the Great..."


PM Sapphire: Guided Reading Cards Box Set Levels 29-30

"Enhance guided reading time in your classroom with a set of finely graded, easy-to-use PM Guided Reading Cards. Each box set of cards covers all of the key text types in fiction and non-fiction and include a range..."


Puerto Rico travel guide, 6th Edition Oct 2014 by Lonely Planet

"With endless sand, swashbuckling history and wildly diverse tropical terrain, locals fittingly call this sun-washed medley of Spanish and American influences the 'Island of Enchantment.' Lonely Planet will get you..."


Military Mavericks book

"Special Releases March 2012 Caught between duty and desireGiving in to temptation…Army ranger Finn never expected to see first love Sunny again – especially not on his last holiday before he’s deployed. Sunny’s..."



"'I heard a horrible screaming sound like an animal being slaughtered ...then I realised it was me.' When Katie Piper was 24 her life was near perfect. Young and beautiful she was well on her way to fulfilling..."


Tie Me Up eBook

"Spice November 2011 Barbara always thought of Ethan as her little brother's annoying best friend, and she was sure he just considered her his friend's nerdy big sister. Until the hot night after her brother's wedding...."


Let Me In eBook

"Erotica January 2012 Imogen hasn’t had sex with her husband, Ty, in over a year. She’s still as attracted to him as ever, but they’ve both been looking for something new to renew their desire for one another...."


Christmas at Jimmie's Children's Unit ebook

"Medical October 2010 Bachelor of the Baby Ward Children’s surgeon and bachelor Angus McDowell is the undisputed expert at mending babies’ hearts – with a heartbreaking reputation when it comes to his endless..."


His Texas Baby both

"“The baby’s a Donovan – and so will you be. As soon as you become my wife.“ Horse trainer Kitty Cartwright didn’t expect a romantic proposal…especially from the New Mexico rancher who was her business..."


The Good, the Bad and the Wild ebook

"Riva March 2012 One of the good guys?Nick Delisantro is famous – for his scripts, for his looks, and above all for his ruthless bad-boy charm. Eva, on the other hand, has spent her life being an overlooked wallflower!..."


Africa Phrasebook - French (2.486Mb), 2nd Edition Jun 2013 by Lonely Planet

"In addition to its many other attractions, Africa offers incredible linguistic diversity. Most African languages belong to one of the following four language families: Afro- Asiatic, Nilo-Saharan, Niger-Congo (with..."

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