Bargain PM Ruby: Mixed Pack (PM Plus Chapter Books) Level 27 Stockists

Bargain PM Ruby: Mixed Pack (PM Plus Chapter Books) Level 27 Stockists

This pack contains one copy each of the following titles: PM Ruby: Dear Groucho (PM Plus Chapter Books) Level 27 PM Ruby: Message in a Bottle (PM Plus Chapter Books) Level 27 PM Ruby: Needing a Friend (PM Plus Chapter Books) Level 27 PM Ruby: Out of Bounds (PM Plus Chapter Books) Level 27 PM Ruby: The Man Who Sat in the Park (PM Plus Chapter Books) Level 27 PM Ruby: Whirlwind (PM Plus Chapter Books) Level 27 Ruby level titles give readers the variety they need to become confident and successful readers, using a range of characters, topics and text styles keep children engaged and encourage discussion. PM Plus Chapter Books (levels 25-30) provide a selection of stories chosen for their broad range of content, characters, topics and points of view. The high-interest topics include adventure, emergencies, natural disasters, risk-taking, historical events and investigation.

Bargain Deal: £41.40

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Horrible Histories: Slimy Stuarts Stockists

I bet you’ve never even heard of the Stuarts. They don’t sound very terrible, do they? But did you know some slimy Stuarts ate toads, snails and fleas?

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Girls Out Late Stockists

Ellie has a boyfriend! And he's really truly interested in her - not in her best friends Magda and Nadine! She and oh-so-gorgeous Russell have so much in common - Ellie knows they're made for each other. If only Dad thought so too ...While Ellie tries her best to cope with Dad's totally unreasonable curfew Magda's dealing with her crush on a teacher - and Nadine's falling for slimy Liam again. What they need is a girls' night out - but they might get a little more than they bargained for ...

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To Love a Dark Lord book Stockists

Special Releases April 2013 James Michael Patrick, Earl of Killoran and notorious scoundrel, is bored. Easy card games, easy women – surely there’s more to life as one of London’s most infamous rakes? Then he rescues a red-haired siren from the scene of her shocking, desperate crime… From the moment he takes Emma in, it’s clear that James’s debauched existence will never be the same. He had thought his emotions long gone, but Emma – and her tightly kept secrets - might just have the power to make him care once more…

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Patchwork Marriage Stockists

Number one best-seller Jane Green - author of The Love Verb" and "Spellbound" - examines the dynamics of family life and relationships in her novel "The Patchwork Marriage". When he asked her to be his wife he also wanted a mother for his children...When Andi marries Ethan she gets a ready-made family in the shape of his daughters Emily and Sophia. Unable to have a child of her own and crazy in love with Ethan she has a chance to make the perfect family. But teenager Emily's hostility leaves Andi feeling hated in her own home. And worse Ethan blinded by love for his daughter cannot see that her behaviour is driving a...

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Colby Law / At His Command book Stockists

Colby Law To solve a murder, investigator Lyle has an unusual mission: find and protect the killer’s daughter, Sadie. Tough rancher Sadie doesn’t like accepting help from anybody but, as her family’s past puts her in danger, accepting Lyle’s protection – and falling for his charm – is proving irresistible… At His Command Years after her brother’s death, Sia must investigate another pilot fatality. There’s just one hitch – working with her ex Chris. She blames him for her family tragedy, but the spark of their passion never died. How can she learn to forgive when she can’t forget?

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Seduced: The Scandalous Virgin eBook Stockists

Historical Fiction February 2011 Fresh from scandal in India, headstrong Genia Vernon is being shipped off to England, where she faces a gray future as companion to her aged aunt. When she meets arrogant rake Blade Maxwell on board, she has her one and only chance for a hot, passionate fling... Blade wants to sow his wild oats one last time before duty forces him to marry. And being in such close proximity to fiery Genia has him more than tempted to break his golden rule—to never seduce a virgin!

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Spike and Ali Enson Stockists

Bonnie baby or alien invader? Everyone loves Spike's baby brother Ali. He's so cute even the school bullies want to babysit him. But Spike isn't so sure. Ali's poos are bright green and his soft brown skin looks a little scaly. Yes there's definitely something strange about Ali! And when Spike discovers a way to learn the truth he begins to realise just how different his family really is...

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Disney Learning: Frozen - Reading and Comprehension (Ages 6-7) Stockists

Magical learning! Master school essentials in a sparkly winter kingdom with princesses as your best friends. Who says learning has to happen in a classroom? Why not do it in a fairytale castle? Frozen sisters Anna and Elsa want to share their lessons and games with you. Their learning workbook has charming colour pictures, 50 stickers, a cut-out game and special ‘Let’s Read’ story sections. Plus: you’ll improve your reading skills in all kinds of magical ways! Essential learning set in the magical world of Frozen Themed activities with stickers and colour artwork Bonus cut-out games and ‘Let’s...

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Maths Age 5-6 Stockists

This brand new series features characters that children will love alongside vibrant photographic and illustrative artwork. Designed to entertain and engage children as they learn vital Maths skills at Key Stage 1 the book has an easy-to-use accessible format based on our best-selling Magical series. * Enchanted Forest map which can be completed with colourful award stickers * Brand new characters * Fun and fresh photographic and illustrative artwork * Easy-to-use layout * 'How to use this book section with parental advice

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