Bargain PM Sapphire: Sarah

Bargain PM Sapphire: Sarah's Story (PM Guided Reading Fiction) Level 29 Stockists

Sarah leads a hard and lonely life in the orphanage, in Ireland. Until one day, she is given some news. She is old enough to set sail to the Australian colony of New South Wales for a new job and a new life, as a free immigrant.The long sea journey to Australia is a different experience for Sarah. She happily learns how to sew and read for the first time, but there’s also seasickness, storms and quarrels with Maggie. Will Sarah be able to make a successful life for herself in her new home of Sydney? Sapphire level titles provide a selection of stories and non-fiction titles chosen for their range of content, narrative and points of view. This level encourages readers to form opinions and discuss their own reading tastes. PM Guided Reading Fiction books are engaging stories that increase in word count and pages in line with progression of children’s reading age, for appropriate literacy skills development. The books represent all the standard text types and include a number of literal, inferential and applied knowledge comprehension questions. #pm-gr-books #pm-new-2017 #pm-2017

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Build Your Library Value Pack x 10 Stockists

Julia Donaldson. Claire Freedman. Peter Bently. Never battle bad weather to find a great book. Have them where you need them: at home. We all need stories. And how lovely is it to be able to reach out for them at any time? No need to trek out in a rainstorm. Any time you need books, they’ll be there. Full of smiles, these cheerful favourites are the perfect way to build up your home library. A small price tag, paired with big talent from the authors and artists little people love most. A wonderful pack of new and classic picture books Perfect for building your book collection at home Features several major...

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Lord of the Desert book Stockists

Paranormal March 2011 Lord Rhys Kilpatrick died in 1885. And that’s when he really started living! Heir to a British earl Rhys had loved his life of indulgence as a rogue, a rake, a gambler and a womaniser. But now he loves his life as an immortal even more. Part of an ancient conspiracy, Rhys serves a dark and dangerous master, providing the demigod with all his heart’s desires. Especially women. Yet when beautiful historian Gillian ventures to Rhys’s grave, Rhys is determined to keep her for himself. Even if his desire puts her in mortal danger…

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Hamlyn All Colour Cookbook 200 Tagines & Moroccan Dishes Stockists

With over 200 recipes infused with the deep and enticing flavours of Morocco you can make every meal a journey to a far off land and enchant friends and family alike with delicious home cooked meals. From soups and tagines to saffron-scented delicacies and pastries Hamlyn All Colour Cookbook 200 Tagines & Moroccan Dishes includes everything from authentic recipes on how to make Preserved Lemons to entire chapters on pastillas kebabs and couscous. Beautiful photographs and clear instructions make this book perfect for every cook at all ability levels.

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Walk Across the Sun Stockists

Ahalya Ghai and her younger sister Sita are as close as sisters can be. But when a tsunami rips through their village on India's Coromandel coast their home is swept away and the sisters are the sole survivors of their family. Destitute their only hope is to find refuge at a convent many miles away. A driver agrees to take them. But the moment they get into that car their fate is sealed. The two sisters - confused alone totally reliant on each other - are sold. On the other side of the world Washington lawyer Thomas Clarke is struggling to cope after the death of his baby daughter and the collapse of his marriage. He...

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Slimming World Food Optimising Stockists

Having plenty to eat and no forbidden food is every slimmer's dream. It sounds too good to be true but it's the approach that has enabled thousands of Slimming World members to reach their target weight - the weight they have chosen to be. No foods are banned at Slimming World. There's no calorie counting and there are hundreds of 'Free Foods' which can be eaten in unlimited amounts. The Slimming World diet is designed to make weight loss easy and more enjoyable and this recipe book makes the healthy eating plan available to everyone. Packed with nutritional advice lifestyle and diet information as well as over 150 wonderfully...

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PM Red: Kitty and the Fish (PM Plus Storybooks) Level 5 Stockists

Kitty Cat’s mischievous nature leads her into trouble with her owner and with Fat Cat. Red level titles introduce recurring families and animal characters to engage children. Overlapping of high frequency words and sentence structures ease the transition from the previous level. PM Plus Storybooks feature a classic story structure with tension, climax and resolution to engage young readers. The books have been written using carefully selected vocabulary to ensure children experience reading success.

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Liverpool Football Newspaper Book Stockists

Liverpool Football Newspaper Book . Relive those glorious moments of your favourite team captured in newsprint. From the early 20th century to the recent past, each book affords a unique perspective on your team or sport’s colourful history. They are not written by someone looking back in time, but by reporters who witnessed the games and events as they unfolded and in a language of the time. Capture the history and greatest moments of Liverpool through the newspapers, as written at the time. Starting with coverage of Liverpool becoming Division 1 Champions in 1906, this book charts a glorious history of great games and League...

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Oxford Reading Tree: Stage 5: More Stories A: Pack of 6 Stockists

The Stage 5 Biff Chip and Kipper Stories written by Roderick Hunt and illustrated by Alex Brychta provide a rich story context to help develop language comprehension and decoding skills. Stories More Stories A More Stories B and More Stories C take the children from familiar predictable events at home and school into the less certain realms of fantasy through the magic key adventures. The new-style inside cover notes provide advice and support to help adults read and explore the story with the child supporting their decoding and language comprehension development. Each pack of 6 includes a Group/Guided Reading Notes...

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American Devil Stockists

Taut tense and terrifying - AMERICAN DEVIL marks the thrilling debut of an outstanding new talent. The Progression of Love: his ultimate artistic creation. Now all he needs is seven beautiful women. For the violent killer stalking New York's streets the trophies he will take from his victims are essential if he is to complete his masterpiece. That he also likes playing games with the police and his prey is a bonus. He can outwit everyone he comes up against. Or can he? Detective Tom Harper is the NYPD's best chance of catching the American Devil. But he's on suspension for punching his superior. With panic gripping the city...

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One Life Changing Moment / Return of the Rebel Do... book Stockists

Return of the Rebel Doctor Katie has long run her small Scottish community hospital, and is not impressed when the bad boy from her past comes back to stake his claim on her position! She'll do all she can to protect her dream job, but ex-army doc Ross, born on the wrong side of the tracks, has now developed a charm that's as sharply honed as his medical skills. And Katie just can't keep her mind off him... One Life Changing Moment Dr Mackenzie Fawles can't believe John Watson is back. He saved her and her tiny daughter and then vanished before she could thank him, but she's never forgotten the safety of his arms... John...

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