Bargain PM Sapphire: Space Technology: In Space and on Earth (PM Guided Reading Non fiction) Level 30 Stockists

Bargain PM Sapphire: Space Technology: In Space and on Earth (PM Guided Reading Non-fiction) Level 30 Stockists

Amazing technology has been developed for space travel. Often, this technology can then be adapted to be used on Earth, in many different ways. Solar panels developed to power spacecraft are now used to provide power for people’s homes. Protective plastic developed for space helmets is used to make lenses for the glasses people wear every day. These and other important Earth technologies might never have been developed without the special challenges of space travel. Sapphire level titles provide a selection of stories and non-fiction titles chosen for their range of content, narrative and points of view. This level encourages readers to form opinions and discuss their own reading tastes. PM Guided Reading Non-fiction books are fascinating texts that increase in word count and pages in line with progression of children’s reading age, for appropriate literacy skills development. The books represent all the standard text types and contain literal, inferential and applied knowledge questions to test comprehension and promote discussion. #pm-gr-books #pm-new-2017 #pm-2017

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PM Sapphire: Space Technology: In Space and on Earth (PM Guided Reading Non-fiction) Level 30 Deals on eBay PM Sapphire: Space Technology: In Space and on Earth (PM Guided Reading Non-fiction) Level 30 Deals on Amazon
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Scholastic Reading Pro Pack: Lexile Level 240-600 (Lower Secondary) x 32 Stockists

We all know that kids should read more. But how do you stock up on books that you know are just right for your readers? Easy! Try our great-value Lexile packs: the instant way to build your library with levelled books for steady reading progression. They’re perfect for use with Scholastic Reading Pro: our revolutionary way to find the right book at the right time for the right child, exactly suited to their interests and reading level. Books grouped by Lexile and age levels to ensure the perfect match for young readers Wide range of genres, styles, themes and formats to broaden reading experience A quick...

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Under Your Skin Stockists

This morning I found a body. Soon the police will arrest me for murder. And after that my life will fall apart. Gaby Mortimer is the woman who has it all. But everything changes when she finds a body on the common near her home. Because the evidence keeps leading back to her. And the police seem sure she's guilty...UNDER YOUR SKIN is an unpredictable exquisitely twisty story which proves that there are only three rules in life that mean anything: Assume nothing Believe no one Check everything

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Bond No-nonsense English 6-7 Years Stockists

This title is from the publishers of bestselling Bond Assessment Papers". It provides learning strategies which help parents teach their children how to tackle certain questions. The lessons cover key areas of the curriculum. "How am I doing?" sections consolidate the learning process. The pullout section includes parental notes and answers. There is also a website providing further practice."

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Gairloch and Loch Ewe Stockists

OS Explorer Map is the Ordnance Survey's most detailed map and is recommended for anyone enjoying outdoor activities like walking horse riding and off-road cycling. Providing complete GB coverage the series details essential information such as youth hostels pubs and visitor information as well as rights of way permissive paths and bridleways.

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KS3 English Literacy Strategy - Book 1 Levels 4-5 Stockists

This book is full of test-style practice questions for students studying KS3 English. It follows the Literacy Strategy for KS3 and is aimed at students working at levels 4-5. The questions are written in a clear straightforward style to test what you know and how well you can apply your knowledge. The answers are in the back of the book so you can easily check your work and find out where you're going wrong. Study notes and explanations are also available in the CGP Revision Guide (9781847622570).

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The Keepers book Stockists

Paranormal May 2011 Enter a simmering underworld of dark desires, ruled by an ancient legacy, torn apart by passion… At the heart of New Orleans lies a ravaged community of vampires and shape-shifters. As one of the Keepers, it’s Fiona’s duty to secure peace in this place where one vampire’s bite could start a war. When vamp detective Jagger DeFarge is called in at the discovery of a young woman’s body, drained of blood in a cemetery, the detective and Fiona join uneasy forces. Jagger will stop at nothing to find the murderer – including working in close quarters with the sensual Fiona. But when the killer’s...

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Last Man Stockists

A hero can't always be good ...Joe Rickman head of clandestine operations in the Middle East has been kidnapped and with him top secret CIA information that could prove disastrous in the wrong hands. Mitch Rapp must find Rickman at all costs. But something doesn't add up and he soon suspects something even more sinister is afoot. With elements inside his own government working against him Rapp will have to make to make a tough call between playing the hero and playing nice. Or will he be stopped dead before he can succeed?

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PM Writing 3: Black Rhinos (PM Purple/Gold) Levels 20, 21 Stockists

A non-fiction explanation and a fictional narrative about endangered Black Rhinos: a newspaper article that explains why Black Rhinos are endangered. Includes a story about a rhino named Blossom who goes missing. When two park officers go looking for her, they discover something very special. Text type: explanation and narrative; Genre: non-fiction/fiction PM Writing 3 provides: writing goals that guide and support teachers and students instructional content for the conventions and composition of consolidating writing content that promotes writing to construct meaning across the curriculum in a variety of text...

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Secret Friends Stockists

It's crazy starting at a new school. For days you feel so new and lost it's as if you've wandered into a foreign country where you can't speak the language." This haunting story about Rafaella the new girl at school who finds making friends hard is a stunning piece of writing. With her strange name and sticking out ears she's different from the rest. Lucy is the first to tease the first to call her 'Earwig'. Until a secret friendship starts full of warmth and mystery..."

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PM Turquoise: Monkey Tricks (PM Storybooks) Level 17 Stockists

Amy, her parents and her friend Rebecca went to the zoo to see the new monkey house. After looking around the zoo for awhile, they all sat down for an ice cream. But what has happened to Amy’s ice cream? Turquoise level titles develop children’s understanding of topics with clusters of books on related subjects. High-interest themes such as danger, courage, kindness, bullying and anger are introduced. Each meticulously levelled PM Fiction title features a classic story structure complete with tension, climax and resolution. The stories deal with concepts and experiences that young children can relate to. PM Storybooks...

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