Bargain PM Yellow: Max and the Little Plant (PM Plus Storybooks) Level 8 x 6 Stockists

PM Yellow: Max and the Little Plant (PM Plus Storybooks) Level 8 x 6 Stockists

Max and Grandad will now be familiar characters. In this story, Max’s relationship with his Grandad is very obvious as they work together in the garden. Yellow level titles offer opportunities to focus on initial consonants and consonant blends and present children with new vocabulary – one new word is introduced for every 20 familiar words. PM Plus Storybooks feature a classic story structure with tension, climax and resolution to engage young readers. The books have been written using carefully selected vocabulary to ensure children experience reading success.

Bargain Deal: £29.40

PM Yellow: Max and the Little Plant (PM Plus Storybooks) Level 8 x 6 Deals on eBay PM Yellow: Max and the Little Plant (PM Plus Storybooks) Level 8 x 6 Deals on Amazon
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