Bargain Panton FlowerPot Pendant Red Stockists

Bargain Panton FlowerPot Pendant Red Stockists

Give your home a modern feel, with a retro design! The iconicPanton FlowerPot Pendant Lamp is a design classic originally designed back in 1969, but still holding up with a swish futuristic form. This stunning lamp by Verner Panton has a minimalist, precise design that creates brilliant mood lighting as well as adds colour to any room! This design icon is made from high grade, lacquered aluminium for a light weight, yet solid and durable shade. Brilliant in kitchens, living rooms and bedrooms! This shade never fails to impress and makes a stylish, wonderful gift. This pendant lamp is also available in a larger size as shown below. Red Panton FlowerPot Pendant Lamp Specifications: Dimensions: Diameter 23cm x Height 16cm Cable: 3m red flex. No ceiling rose. Material: Lacquered aluminium Designer: Verner Panton

Bargain Deal: £189.00

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Panton FlowerPot Pendant - Polished Stockists

This stylish polished aluminium pendant lamp may look as though it is from another world, but we assure you that the Panton FlowerPot Pendant Lamp is of earth origin and was originally designed back in 1969 by renowned designer, Verner Panton! This design classic still looks futuristic to this day, with its mirror polished finish and glowing interior when the light is on. This stunning design has beautiful curves and craftsmanship, making a unique and minimalist focal point to any room. Modernize you kitchen with these silver shades or add designer edge to your dining room with this other worldly creation! Polished Panton FlowerPot...

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Large Panton FlowerPot Pendant Lamp Stockists

Give your living room a focal point to remember with this stunning large red ceiling light from &tradition! The Red Panton Flower Pot Pendant Lamp creates a sculptural and atmospheric environment to any room you choose to suspend it in with its large, rounded shade and matching red bowl below. This designer pendant lamp creates a glow with the interior of the shade reflecting the light from the bulb, but avoids harsh, direct light by covering the bottom of the bulb. Extremely impressive and perfect for adding colour to the kitchen, hallway or dining room, this pendant lamp has the power to change your decor for the better!...

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Panton Big FlowerPot - Black Stockists

Give your home the modernist look with this simply stunning designer large black pendant light from &tradition! The Panton Big FlowerPot is an impressive statement lamp that becomes a focal point to any room with its large, black shade. This brilliant design classic by Verner Panton is a well-recognised piece of interior art that stuns and awes visitors, you'd be forgiven for thinking there was some alien spacecraft in your living room! A very stylish alien space craft, at that! This whopping great pendant lamp is also available in red, white, vanilla and yellow, as shown below. Also check out the smaller FlowerPots for...

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Panton Big FlowerPot - Vanilla Stockists

Whoever said vanilla was boring obviously had never caught a glimpse of this stunning Panton Big FlowerPot from &tradition! This huge vanilla statement pendant lamp creates an awe-inspiring focal point to any room you choose to hang it in. This design classic features two cream semi-circular spheres that face each other, the bottom being much smaller than the top. Inside they feature a reflective interior that creates perfect mood lighting that highlights the exquisite design of the lamp, whilst creating dynamic shadows. Perfect for any living room, dining room or kitchen, this massive off-white designer pendant light never...

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Panton Big FlowerPot - White Stockists

Go big or go home! That's one statement that this large white pendant lamp from & tradition makes. The Panton Big FlowerPot in white makes an impressive, neutral addition to any living room, kitchen or bedroom. Brilliantly crafted, this rounded, UFO type pendant light is a design classic from the famous Verner Panton. Originally conceived back in 1968, this playful pendant of two semi-circular spheres made its debut in restaurants, exhibitions and soon enough, people's homes. This modernist design became a design favourite and is still held with high regard to this day. So why not add some classic design to your home with...

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Panton FlowerPot Table Lamp - Red Stockists

The Panton FlowerPot Table Lamp in red, to put it simply, is a design icon. This flower pot table light was originally designed back in 1969 by renowned designer, Verner Panton. This design was inspired by the ideals of joy and positivity during the time of free love, man! Although very much an instant classic product of the time, this design has withstood change and proved to be timeless, with its futuristic, minimalist presentation. Made from aluminium, this table lamp is light, yet tough and durable with a radiant red lacquer. Add this to any bedside table, study desk or living room and you will never fail to make an impression...

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Panton FlowerPot Table Lamp Polished Stockists

Add sophistication and style to any table top with this iconic aluminium table light from Verner Panton! This sleek and unique aluminium lamp was designed back in 1969 by Verner Panton and has been a design classic ever since, with its modern curves and futuristic glow when lit. Perfect for mood lighting and pleasing to the eye in any home office, hallway or bedroom, this lamp oozes great taste and shows your eye for good design! This lamp is also available in a red lacquer finish and as a pendant light for the ceiling! See below for more like this!Polished Panton FlowerPot Table Lamp Specifications Dimensions: Height 40cm...

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Panton Topan Pendant Lamp Stockists

Bring some retro design and colour to the home with this glorious, iconic red pendant light from Verner Panton! This design classic is made from high gauge aluminium and finished in a red lacquer - perfect for use in the kitchen, hallway and bedrooms! The Red Topan Pendant Lamp by Verner Panton is part of this renowned Danish designer's exclusive catalogue and never fails to impress anyone who knows original design. This lamp comes with a 3 metre clear flex cable, allowing you to hang this as low, or high as need be. The Topan Lamp is easy to mix and match with the other Verner Panton designs shown below.Red Panton Topan...

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Globe Pendant Light Stockists

Add a modern feel to your home with this space age design from Leyton! The Globe Pendant Light is a completely unique contemporary light fitting, which will make your kitchen or living room look out of this world! With a stunning brushed aluminium finish, this designer metal hanging lamp is sure to spark the interest of your visitors, making it a fabulous focal point! Designed to look like a metal sphere with a section removed at the bottom to allow the light to shine through; this spherical lamp is a great statement piece which will create a striking atmosphere in any room. See the right hand side for more designer hanging...

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Calais Glass Pendant Light Stockists

Perfect for dining rooms and hallways, the Calais Glass Pendant Light has a unique way of adding some instant style and sophistication to any room you choose. This designer smoked hanging lamp has a distinct shade that houses a naked bulb and diffuses the light from the sides with its tinted smoke coloured glass, leaving a hole at the bottom for direct light to shine down. This light can be used with a dimmer, so you can create the perfect atmosphere whatever room you choose to fit it in. This delightful lamp comes complete with one metre of cable, so you can suspend it at your desire height. See the similar items for more...

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