Bargain Paper Shooters Extinction Blaster Kit Stockists

Paper Shooters Extinction Blaster Kit Stockists

The Paper Shooters Extinction Blaster Kit is a super cool gun that fires ‘Soft-Splat’ paper pellets up to 20 metres. As it comes supplied in kit form you get all the fun of assembling it from scratch – and with 141 parts in total it should keep you entertained for a while. First you’ll build the plastic skeleton of the gun, including an air chamber and sensitive trigger mechanism, then you’ll finish it off with an eye-catching camo skin made of specially coated cardboard. Once you’ve finished building the gun all that’s left is to prep some of the 50 supplied pellets by popping them in some water for 30 seconds or so, and you’re ready to lock and load. The pellets go in the supplied 6 shell casings, and then into the gun’s magazine; then with every shot the shell will eject from the Blaster, just like a real gun! It’s perfect for target practice – as well as the 20 metre range the paper pellets will stick to the target, meaning you’ll know exactly how good of a shot you are. And we’ve found the gun to be extremely accurate, so no excuses there. If you’re a fan of building things, shooting things or – ideally - building things AND shooting things, then we reckon you’re going to have an absolute blast with this blaster. 

Bargain Deal: £19.99

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Zombie Slayer Blast Kit

If we have learnt anything from movies and TV it’s that the zombie...

If we have learnt anything from movies and TV it’s that the zombie apocalypse is definitely coming. If you don’t have a plan in place or a local Winchester pub to hide out in, then you must prepare for the arrival of the undead! The Zombie Slayer Blast Kit is a must have in any zombie hunters arsenal. Admittedly, you do have to spend the first few hours building it from the 138 pieces but once you are finished, you are ready to take on any brain munching monster! Interchangeable camo skins are included making sure you are ready to fight in any terrain and to make your assault rifle look super awesome. Plus, and this is a HUGE plus, every time you fire at a zombie, a shell pops out the gun! How cool is that?! The Zombie Slayer Gun doesn’t use darts, or bullets, but instead fires paper meaning running out of ammo is only an old gas bill away. 50 soft splat rounds are included to get you started, just in case the zombie invasion happens quicker than you expected. A handy paper mould is included in the set and if you’re really good, you can create 60 paper rounds in just 45 seconds. Each one of the paper rounds can be fired up to 100 feet and they are insanely accurate too! Perfect for long distance zombie hunting.


Zombie Slayer Blast Construction Kit

If you’re a fan of Call of Duty, Halo, and Battlefield or even if...

If you’re a fan of Call of Duty, Halo, and Battlefield or even if you just enjoy building and shooting things, then this is the toy for you!  The Paper Shooter construction kit gives you the opportunity to build your own gun in less than 5 hours so you can feel like a true craftsmen once you have finished your masterpiece. The kit comes with easy-to-follow instructions and includes all the necessary cardboard components; an air chamber, trigger system and even interchangeable camo skins- which means you can design your gun just how you like it. Once built, this gun is awesome at shooting and the paper ammo, as well as being insanely accurate, can reach as far as 100 feet.  This kit also includes a mould so you can make your own ammo from ordinary paper as fast as 60 rounds in 45 seconds so the game never has to end. This is a fantastic boy’s toy for when you’re bored at home, with a mate, or even if you feel like making a surprise ambush on a friend or relative. Let the fun (and chaos) begin!

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