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WEB EXCLUSIVE PRICE!Aunt Sally in Oxford Toad in the Hole in Lewes bagatelle Chester quoits in Darlington and bat and trap in Kent - they sound relics of a bygone age and yet contrary to popular belief the games of Britain live on. Traditional games such as nipsy (the poor man's golf) played by Barnsley miners may have died out in the 1990s joining in the history books such former favourites as guile bones noddy board slide thrust fox-mine-host tick-tack the mysterious milking cromock. But new games emerge all the time so that nowadays regulars are just as likely to be entering pub quizzes - the first quiz league was recorded in Bootle in 1959 - or playing pool (which arrived via Australia during the 1960s) or péntanque (brought over from France). Fashions may move on but find any decent pub and the chances are that there are games to be played

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