Bargain Playstation Coaster Pack Stockists

Playstation Coaster Pack Stockists

Since the mid nineties the square, circle, cross and triangle symbols have been associated with Sony’s PlayStation consoles. Graphics and technology may have evolved at an incredible speed but those little joypad buttons have remained constant. Now you can profess your love for the PlayStation brand whenever you have a tasty beverage with these super cool PlayStation Coasters. Each of the four coasters features one of the iconic button symbols in its correct colour on a background of PlayStation grey, just like the original PS1. Add a little bit of gaming class to your coffee table with these retro PlayStation Coasters. 

Bargain Deal: £4.47

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PlayStation 3D Mug

Nostalgia can be a feeling that brings with it a sense of melancholy, a...

Nostalgia can be a feeling that brings with it a sense of melancholy, a longing for the past and the joys of yesteryear. For those of you feeling that sense of nostalgia for the halcyon days of gaming, this Playstation mug may be just the perfect gift. This sturdy ceramic mug is fully 3D, emulating the look of the original Playstation faithfully. It includes beautiful hand-painted details, including accurate replications of the power button and, of course, the colourful PS1 logo itself, all of which is guaranteed to bring back fond memories of the golden age of gaming history. It holds up to 325ml of whatever beverage you care to use it for, making it perfect for your morning cup of tea or an evening with hot cocoa – or indeed, some strong coffee for a long night of gaming. Truly, this is the perfect little addition to any retro-gaming fan’s cupboard. We can’t bring back the past,...

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