Bargain Polka Dot 2 Mug Teapot Boxed Stockists

Polka Dot 2 Mug Teapot Boxed Stockists

Need an excuse to invite a friend round for a cuppa? How about to show off your adorable new Polka Dot teapot?

Bargain Deal: £34.95

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Seconds Saddleback Pig 1/2 Pint Mug

"Don't be a swine! Give the one you love one of these delightful Saddleback mugs."


Personalised Wallflower 4 Mug Teapot

"Take tea in the garden after a hard day's weeding,pruning and planting, and sit back and admire your work."


Sale Pink Heart Rows Cereal Bowl

"Of course, this is the right size for cereal but it also makes a perfect bowl to fill with shiny red cherries or intensely juicy strawberries to share while lounging in a double hammock with the apple of your eye."


Seconds Polka Dots 4 Mug Teapot Unboxed

"Make every teatime a party tea with this pretty boxed teapot."


Personalised Cherries 2 Mug Teapot

"This Cherries teapot is made for two mugs. But if it's got your name on it, how about a top up for just you instead?"


Summer Cherries French Bowl

"A vibrant design bursting with sunny fruit, this Cherries French Bowl is just waiting to be filled with a tasty summertime treat."


Emma Bridgewater Wallflower French Bowl | 1WAL010041

"Indulge in a springtime treat from one of these bowls. Perhaps some fruit tart or sorbet? Heck, even an Easter Egg will do!"


Personalised Circus 1/2 Pint Mug

"This super fun Circus mug is great for kids of all ages. But don't panic. Grown-ups can have their name on one too!"


Personalised Sampler 1/2 Pint Mug

"There's no doubt that whoever receives this Sampler mug will certainly feel in the pink."


Black Toast Dips Old Bowl

"Theres no holding back when youve got this distinctive looking bowl. Its time to dip right in."


Tiny Scattered Rose 2 Mug Teapot Boxed

"For a proper English tea, use this exquisite Tiny Scattered Rose teapot with a spread of cucumber (peeled please) sandwiches (no crusts), scones and a slice of Victoria sponge."


Polka Dot Melamine Water Jug

"Our sturdy melamine jug in cheery Polka Dot Text is perfect for eating in the garden or mixing up the Pimms on the posher sort of picnic."




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