Bargain Poop Plush Stockists

Poop Plush Stockists

The debate is as old as mankind. And who knows whether one of the greatest questions to face humanity will ever truly be answered? Is it poop or is it an ice cream? Maybe it’s a symbolic representation of the journey from ice cream to poop in one emoji? We might never know. Since the days of the Nokia 3310, a simpler time where emotions, sentiment and congratulations were phrased with nonsensical combinations of letters and numbers, we have seen amazing advancements in communication. Thank goodness for emojis. Everyone has their favourites, and whether it’s pooping or ice cream you love the most – the strangely adorable appeal of the Poop Plush is pretty undeniable. So if you’re searching for conversation starting décor that will really brighten up the place then you need look no further. With a selection of winky face, contented smiley face, or the classic (and in no way unnervingly sinister) grinning face, every poop is a winner. These plush cushions are luxuriously soft and cuddleable, ideal for every chilled out emoji lover. Move aside hieroglyphics, we’ve got this. Due to the nature of how we receive these, we can't offer a choice of style. Therefore, the style of Poop Plush will be chosen at random.

Bargain Deal: £6.99

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