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Let the spotlight showdown commence...Nikki Maxwell's school is holding a talent competition and Nikki can't wait to start practising dance moves with her BFFs Chloe and Zoey and impressing Brandon her crush with her singing skills! But then Nikki finds out that her arch-nemesis MacKenzie is entering the contest too and she's determined to steal the limelight from Nikki and her friends. Can a dork like Nikki take on the most popular girl in school and win?

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End of Eternity

"The best time-travel story since H.G. Wells's The Time Machine by the Grand Master of science fiction the story of Andrew Harlan Technician and Eternal. Andrew Harlan's job is to range through past and present..."


Husband for a Weekend both

"From husband for a weekend… to a partner for life? When it came to marriage, Tate Price was all business. Sure, he’ll play along with the charade for a few days, especially for a friend like Kim Banks. How can..."



"Love a gripping story? The jaws of BEAST will never let you go! In the depths of a reservoir lives a monstrous creature, unknown to anyone except the teenage boy who feeds it. Six years ago it was a vicious little..."


Eleven Minutes

"The new bestselling novel now in paperback from international literary phenomenon Paulo Coelho author of The Alchemist. A chance meeting in Rio takes Maria to Geneva where she dreams of finding fame and fortune..."


Disgusting Dave and the Bucketful of Vomit

"Meet Dave. He's disgusting. At least that's what his older sister thinks. But Dave knows better: he just wants to know how things work. Even things like burping and farting. And now Dave needs to turn detective..."



"Go back to the days when dinosaurs ruled the earth with Dinogami the great new origami book containing 25 prehistoric paper-folding projects to sink your teeth into. With big dinosaurs small ones ocean-dwellers..."


Horrid Henry Robs the Bank

"Horrid Henry helps himself to all the money he needs to win his favourite board game comes up with another spectacular money-making scheme for launching a newspaper with all the school gossip vows vengeance on..."


PM Purple: Nelson Gets a Fright (PM Storybooks) Level 19 x 6

"Nelson is only a baby elephant and so he is not big and strong like the older elephants. One day when Nelson is playing he sees something move in the grass… Purple level titles introduce a variety of topics..."


Greece travel guide - Northern Greece (3.833Mb), 12th Edition Mar 2016 by Lonely Planet

"Lonely Planet Greece is your passport to the most relevant, up-to-date advice on what to see and skip, and what hidden discoveries await you.  Endless miles of aquamarine coastline, sun-bleached ancient ruins,..."


The Soldier's Secret Daughter ebook

"Intrigue March 2012 “I hated you, but I still wanted you.”Dashing spy Jagger lived in a world of danger. Not even a sweet brown-eyed siren could be trusted, especially when he had to bring down her employer...."


Make My Day: Rio de Janeiro, 1st Edition Jun 2016 by Lonely Planet

"Lonely Planet  Make My Day Rio de Janeiro   is a unique guide that allows you to effortlessly plan your perfect day. Flip through the sections and mix and match your itinerary for morning, afternoon and evening. ..."



The Sicilian's Baby Bargain book

"Modern August 2009 Claimed by the most powerful man in Sicily! Annie has only her baby… But the most precious part of her life is now at risk! Falcon Leopardi has come to claim his late half-brother’s child..."


Shattered Identity eBook

"Love Inspired Suspense February 2012 Someone—with a very personal motive—has it out for Lisa Wade, Ocracoke Island's sheriff's dispatcher. She was viciously attacked, her home was ransacked and one very precious..."


Fools Die

"This title comes from the international bestseller of The Godfather". A story of big-time gamblers in a feverish world where law and organised crime are one and the same...From New York to Las Vegas Merlyn and..."

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