Bargain Porsche 911 Engine Stockists

Porsche 911 Engine Stockists

The Porsche 911 is an iconic sports car across the world. Known for its sleek looks, rounded headlights and incredible speed – it’s a dream car for many of us. But since the majority of us don’t have the finances to back up this dream we here at RED5 have found an alternative. You won’t be able to take this baby down to the coast, and you won’t get any shopping in the boot, but the Porsche 911 Engine is a highly detailed replica engine of this much loved car. So now at least you can own 280 pieces of a Porsche replica! This high quality DIY set allows you to construct a detailed replica of the flat-six engine from the 1966 Porsche 911. Many pieces are transparent so when everything is put together, you can see the internals movements as well as the external, providing an interesting educational value to the kit. A detailed manual is included to take you through the build process step by step with easy to follow instructions and diagrams.  

Bargain Deal: £99.99

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