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Busy Books: Busy Town

"Get ready for a busy day in town. There's so much to do! You can ride on the bus feed the ducks in the park and do some shopping before heading home to bed. Full of delightful detail and magical mechanisms this..."



The Lawman's Bride both

"Historical October 2010 Sophie Hollis could charm any man... Kidnapped as a child, sold to a conman, she’d fast learned how to sweet-talk her way out of trouble. Now all Sophie wanted was to be left alone to..."



Correct Your French Blunders

"This is a witty fast-paced guide to eliminating those annoying and frustrating French bloopers. Mixing genders inverting subjects and objects and trusting false cognates are just a few of the blunders English-speaking..."


Zoe's Lesson ebook

"Everyone's talking about Zoe - the illegitimate heiress! So her billionaire father Oscar sends her to New York to discover her biological roots. Zoe's still raw from the knowlegde that she's not a Balfour. She intends..."


The Sultan's Choice both

"Modern September 2011 His Inconvenient QueenChosen as the Sultan’s bride, Samia has no option but to go ahead with the marriage. And, as her new husband slowly peels away her bejewelled wedding finery, despite..."


A Daughter's Dilemma eBook

"FORBIDDEN! Look - but don't touch! Carolyn was delighted when her mother married Julian. She waved off the happy couple on their honeymoon and prepared to oversee the renovation of their new home... only to discover..."


A Vow of Obligation both

"Modern May 2012 From making his bed…On a mission to steal Navarre Cazier’s laptop to save a fellow chambermaid’s reputation, Tawny Blake is caught red-handed! Blushing brighter than her flame-coloured hair,..."



"A WOMAN UNLUCKY TO BE ALIVE Alison Willetts has survived a stroke deliberately induced by a skilful manipulation of pressure points on the head and neck. She can see hear and feel but she is completely unable..."


The Mystery of the Secret Room

"When Boomerang the cat disappears into a tiny gap behind the fireplace at Stone Cottage Scott Jack and Emily are amazed to discover a secret room that Aunt Kate never knew existed! But what was the room created..."


Pips in Pots

"Follow this simple instruction text with clear photographs of each stage to learn how to plant your own pips. * Pink/1B - A simple instruction book * Text type: Non-fiction * Focus phonemes: p o t s c u g..."


Latin for Beginners

"This title deals with everyday situations in which children may find themselves while abroad. Latin grammar is clearly explained and puzzles provide plenty of practice. This title is part of a series providing..."


The Royal Nappy

"What does this royal baby wear on his royal botty? Go on, peek! We know you want to look!"


Meant To Marry eBook

"THE MARRIAGE MAKER Meant to marry - divided by scandal Anet Carruthers had always kept her past firmly where it belonged, until she met Lucas Tremaine! Lucas Tremaine, a writer of considerable prowess, was in pursuit..."

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