Bargain Recycled Corona Extra Beer Bottle Glasses 11.6oz / 330ml (Pack of 2) Stockists

Recycled Corona Extra Beer Bottle Glasses 11.6oz / 330ml (Pack of 2) Stockists

Completely unique, the Recycled Corona Extra Beer Bottle Glasses offer an environmentally friendly way to enjoy your beer. Each glass has been handcrafted from an actual Corona Extra bottle sourced in the UK. The perfect gift for any eco-conscious beer lo

Bargain Deal: £13.99

Recycled Corona Extra Beer Bottle Glasses 11.6oz / 330ml (Pack of 2) Deals on eBay Recycled Corona Extra Beer Bottle Glasses 11.6oz / 330ml (Pack of 2) Deals on Amazon
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Duralex Stacking Tumblers 7oz / 200ml (Case of 72)

"A staple for many school canteens and home glassware cabinets, these Duralex Stacking Tumblers are versitile enough to be used almost anywhere. Made from toughened glass, they are safe to use for the whole family."


Amelia Wine Goblets 11.3oz LCE at 250ml (Pack of 12)

"The versatile Amelia Wine Goblet is perfect for serving up red and white wines or even a glass of water. Ideal for completing your dinner table setting, these short stemmed glasses offer a highly resistant fully..."


Elite Viking Polycarbonate Pint Glasses CE 20oz / 568ml (Set of 4)

"When serving drinks in a busy bar it's inevitable glasses are going to get broken. The Elite Viking Polycarbonate Pint Glasses offer a practical alternative to breakable glassware as they are manufactured from virtually..."


Elite Premium Polycarbonate Hiballs 12oz / 340ml (Pack of 36)

"From beer at your next BBQ to serving cocktails at the bar, the Elite Premium Polycarbonate Hiballs are ideal for both indoor and outdoor entertaining. Virtually unbreakable, with a glass washer safe finish, these..."


Duralex Gigogne Tumblers 7.7oz / 220ml (Pack of 6)

"If you find you and your family going through glassware as frequently as you wash your socks, then it's about time you invested in some tempered glassware. The Duralex Gigogne Tumblers have been designed so they..."


Riedel Ouverture Magnum Glasses (Set of 6) & Free Gift Apple Decanter | 5408/35

"This special promotional offer includes the versatile Ouverture Magnum glass executed in the finest lead free crystal. There are 6 glasses included in this specially packaged set"


Riedel O Stemless Water Tumblers (Set of 8)

"From a simple wine glass to a glass which is a pleasure to drink from: every Riedels collection arises out of sensory workshops designed to engage all the senses. No other name is as closely associated with European..."


Pisa Shot Glasses 1.8oz / 50ml (Pack of 6)

"Give your drinks service a new angle with the Pisa Shot Glasses from Borgonovo Glassware. These distinctive shot glasses feature a tilted design inspired by the famous Leaning Tower of Pisa. Holding 5cl, these double..."


Granity Cooler Tumblers 23oz LCE at 20oz (Case of 24)

"The Granity Cooler Tumblers offer a heavyweight oversized pint glass that is ideal for everyday use. Lined at a standard 20oz pint, these 23oz glasses allow you to serve soft drinks with ice, or a nice chilled beer..."


SaferFood Solutions PourMaster with Low Profile Top Brown (Single)

"Specially designed for use behind the bar, the SaferFood Solutions PourMaster forms part of a colour coded system for easy identification. Made from PerfectFlex plastic, this container offers excellent cleanliness..."


Cabernet Carafes (70oz / 2ltr) (Single)

"The wide base of the Cabernet Carafe allows wine to spread which allows full oxygenation, while the thin neck allows the aromas to flow free for your pleasure! When entertaining guests, the Cabernet Carafe is ideal..."


Super Martini SAN Glass Black 48oz / 1.4ltr (Single)

"Perfect for themed parties, the Super Martini SAN Glass in Black is ideal for filling with a cocktail to share. Manufactured from break resistant and BPA-free SAN plastic, this oversized novelty glass is ideal for..."


Giant Acrylic Champagne Flute 670oz / 19ltr (Single)

"For a night of celebration, the Giant Champagne Flute makes a great centrepiece for your happy guests to marvel over, and is a great place to keep iced bottles of bubbly! Perfect for filling with cocktail, bottles..."


Barista Espresso Glasses 4oz / 115ml (Single)

"The Barista Espresso Glasses are perfect for a stylish way to present shots of espresso or spirits. With a tempered glass construction, these shot glasses offer a durable way to serve both hot and cold drinks. The..."


LSA Haze Hiball Glasses Sky 14oz / 400ml (Pack of 4)

"Invoking memories of a clear sky no matter what the weather, the LSA Haze Hiball Glasses are finished with a hazy diffusion of sky blue. Ideal for mixing and matching with other glasses from the LSA Haze range,..."

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