Bargain Ripper Street   Series 3 [2015] (DVD) Stockists

Ripper Street - Series 3 [2015] (DVD) Stockists

All eight episodes from the third series of the TV drama starring Matthew Macfadyen as a detective trying to maintain the law on the streets of Whitechapel in the wake of the Jack the Ripper murders. Set in 1894, H Division's Detective Inspector Edmund Reid (Macfadyen), aided by the hard-boiled Sergeant Bennett Drake (Jerome Flynn) and American forensics expert Captain Homer Jackson (Adam Rothenberg), investigates more murders in Whitechapel including a serious train accident that claimed the lives of 55 civilians. Meanwhile, Reid's long-lost daughter Matilda (Anna Burnett), who was previously believed to have drowned, returns to reunite with her father. The episodes are: 'Whitechapel Terminus', 'the Beating of Her Wings', 'Ashes and Diamonds', 'Your Father, My Friend', 'Heavy Boots', 'the Incontrovertible Truth', 'Live Free, Live True' and 'the Peace of Edmund Reid'. Running Time: 470 minutes Region: Region 2 Release Date: 28 Sept. 2015

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