Bargain Robo Hub 2000 Stockists

Robo Hub 2000 Stockists

We here at RED5 are of the opinion that you can never have too many USB ports - how else would we be able to charge the multitude of gadgets that we have on our desks?! If ever you are in need of some more USB love then these Robots are here to help. These funky little robots will help sort out all your USB problems, providing extra ports for your computer when you need them. The Robo Hub 2000 will turn one USB port in to four 2.0 hi-speed ports but don't worry, they will work with all USB ports on Windows and Mac computers. They are really simple to use with a 'Plug and Play' install - no drivers are needed! LED indication in the Robot's eyes will show the power status of your Hub and they even have poseable arms and legs. The Robo Hub 2000 is a revolution in USB history!

Bargain Deal: £6.97

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