Bargain Scrawl Stockists

Scrawl Stockists

Move over charades, take a hike twister, and pass the parcel can… you get the idea. Because this party game is the latest and craziest thing to hit gatherings, and is sure to leave you in stitches. Meet Scrawl. In Scrawl, you have 240 phrases to pick from – you choose one, doodle it, and pass it on to the other players... who then get to interpret your artistic piece as they desire (though, isn’t all art about interpretation?), write what they think it is, and pass it on for the next player to scrawl onto their mini whiteboard.  The result is not unlike a game of Chinese whispers, where if you’re lucky it’ll stay roughly the same, and if you’re unlucky… well, the results can range from the hilarious to the bizarre, from the macabre to the quite frankly inhuman, and everything in between. Just be aware that this isn't a game you want to be playing with the kids as there's a lot of naughty words included! It’s crass, it’s rude, and it’s as funny as a word we’re not allowed to put on our website, and you definitely need to get it. 

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