Bargain Secret Of Santa Vittoria (DVD) Stockists

Secret Of Santa Vittoria (DVD) Stockists

Summer 1943: Benito Mussolini s Fascist government has fallen and the German army has occupied most of Italy - bad news indeed for the sleepy little hill-town of Santa Vittoria, where life revolves around the making (and consumption) of wine. But buffoonish town mayor Italo Bombolini (Anthony Quinn) has devised a cunning plan. Knowing that the Germans intend to seize their wine, Bombolini and the townspeople stash some one million bottles in a secret cave shortly before German army commander Capt. von Prum (Hardy Krá¼ger) and his forces take over the town. Von Prum, however, is not fooled when Bombolini tries to palm him off with a few thousand bottles. So starts a battle of wills between these two wily adversaries as Bombolini enlists every trick in the book to keep the town s treasure out of enemy hands while simultaneously dodging the marital brickbats thrown by his fiery wife, Rosa (Anna Magnani). Running Time: 139 minutes Region: Region 2 Release Date: 26 Sept. 2016

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