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Nikki Maxwell isn't at all surprised to find out that her crush Brandon volunteers at a local animal shelter. He's such a sweet guy - of course he wants to help those adorable puppies! Then Brandon tells her that the shelter is in danger of closing and Nikki knows she can't let that happen. Especially when she discovers a shocking secret about Brandon that makes keeping that shelter open more important than ever. So Nikki and her friends Chloe and Zoey enter an ice skating competition to help raise money for the shelter but (big surprise) Mackenzie has to stick her nose in and cause trouble so that she can be the one to swoop in and save the day. No way will Nikki let that happen: She'll just have to come up with some extra creative ideas this time!

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Rexel ClearView (A3) Display Book (1 x Pack of 24 Pockets)

"High quality display book for all presentation requirementsFront pocket with border for superior customised presentationsCD, diskette and business card pocketsCopy-secure pocketsA324 pocketsBlack"


Dinoz World Globe

"Introducing the new Dinoz World Globe - a brightly illustrated globe which is both educational and fun. Adapted from the best-selling Dino's Illustrated World Map this 15cm diameter globe features more than 150..."


Simple Cakes

"Mary Berry has a long-established reputation for providing the home cook with reliable easy recipes but if there's one area where she is the undisputed queen of the kitchen it's cake-making. In Simple Cakes ..."


Intoxicating! ebook

"Blaze September 2009 Scandalous! Meeting a handsome loner on a deserted beach in the Hamptons was like being hit by lightning. After a steamy weekend in bed with Daniel, Catherine was marvellously woozy from a..."


Toll The Hounds

"It is said that Hood waits at the end of every plot every scheme each grandiose ambition. But this time it is different: this time the Lord of Death is there at the beginning...Darujhistan swelters in the summer..."


I Was There...: 1066

"Harold is King of England. But for how long? The ambitious Duke William of Normandy in France has invaded England, hoping to seize the throne. A great battle is coming – one that will change the future of England..."


Oxford Reading Tree Read with Biff Chip and Kipper: Level 2 Phonics & First Stories: Funny Fish and Other Stories

"Read With Biff Chip and Kipper is the UK's best-selling home reading series. It is based on Oxford Reading Tree which is used in 80% of primary schools. This Read with Biff Chip & Kipper Level 2 Collection is..."



"Help the animal characters find their way through 14 exciting mazes. Scenes include a pirate ship looking for treasure a knight rescuing a princess and a rocket zooming through space. Each page is wipe-clean so..."


New Reference Grammar of Modern Spanish

"For many years A NEW REFERENCE GRAMMAR OF MODERN SPANISH has been trusted by students and teachers as the standard English-language reference grammar of Spanish. Now updated to include the latest findings of the..."


PM Magenta: Sally and the Elephant (PM Gems) Levels 2, 3 x 6

"Sally is looking at a book about animals so Sally’s mum takes her to the zoo. Magenta level titles (equivalent to the Pink book band) are perfect for introducing fundamental reading concepts and skills to early..."


Calum eBook

"TIES OF PASSION A change of heart... . Calum Brodey, head of the family, was capable of doing anything he set his mind to - and he'd do it with imagination, ambition and efficiency. Now he'd set his sights on Elaine......"


National Curriculum SATs Booster Programme: Grammar, Punctuation & Spelling Test (Year 2) x 10

"Our exciting SATs Booster tests are the quick way to boost confidence and exam performance. Perfect for home use or classroom practice. Lift off for SATs success! Three complete practice tests exactly mirroring..."


Africa travel guide - Zambia (3.443Mb), 13th Edition Nov 2013 by Lonely Planet

"Something special about Africa touches the soul; it is a continent of 54 immensely diverse countries that is both deeply troubled and profoundly uplifting. inspirational images, destination highlights and recommendations..."


PM Silver: Separate Ways (PM Plus Storybooks) Level 23 x 6

"Tess, Nathan and their parents have been met in previous PM Plus books. In this story, Tess and Nathan communicate their feelings of anxiety, anger and confusion when informed that their parents are going to separate...."


Taming the Last Acosta ebook

"Modern March 2013 Her mother told her never to play with fire... Living her life vicariously through a camera lens, photojournalist Romy Winner is happy to stay in the background, capturing other people's happiness...."

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